About Time


About Time

“Time. There are questions. I need more time, father.” — Rutger Hauer in “Blade Runner”

After good health time is our biggest asset. It is limited and can’t be extended or refilled once used up.

The Romans used to say: “Carpe Diem.” Use your time wisely. Cherish the day.

Time is not available or an easy purchase. We need to take, to use it to our advantage before we are running out.

When meeting or asking others how they are many times we receive as an answer “I’m so busy, I have no time.”

When we were young time seemed to be endless. Eight weeks of summer school holidays were an unlimited source of joyful days and up-all-nights. And unexplored pleasures waiting to be fully discovered.

The decade between 10 and 20, being a teenager was exciting. We seemed to be free of time and space. Enjoyed, shared Here & Now to the fullest. Fell in love for the very first time by watching our increased heartbeat pounding up to the throat. An inner voice whispering “I’m in love. I’m so excited and happy. My days are pink.” We attended high school with an interest that easily was topped when seeing a pretty girl or handsome boy. We laughed a lot, sometimes so much that we got belly pain. We did funny & silly things we hopefully never regret. No need.

When then between 20 and 30 we were already members of the corporate life. Or still attending university. Or founded our own company. We were driven to make something bigger out of our lives. We felt more matured, focused, responsible. Now was the time to make proper decisions where, when, and for & with whom we want to work, to stay, to engage. We felt pressure to go for what we stand for, to gaining a solid profession, having inspirational work where we felt accepted and appreciated. And safe to make a living.

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle. Let my spirit carry me.” — Steve Miller Band

Celebrating our 30th birthday was a milestone of insights and deeper anchored thoughts. “I just turned 30” sounded like now I’m getting older not to say old. At the side of girls, in the meantime grown women the inner clock of becoming a mother started to counting time a bit faster, containing a louder calling. Nature runs a proper time schedule that can’t be faked, postponed, or used as one likes. Everything happens for a reason, at the right timing, and at peak quality when time is ready.

At 40 we then had to have already achieved a solid profession, a higher position, a required safety. Having founded a family, being a loving father or mother to keeping things together and to provide for our loved ones. At the same moment, we got a different approach to time, we might have realized to use it more conscious, more wisely. Latest now we started to realize this is the middle of our lifetime. Became increasingly insightful that it’s a limited source and not being taken for granted or used for fun but with purpose. By putting in efforts for reaching the aims that allow us to live a so-called prosperous, happy, and fulfilled life.

50 is a magic age. The birthday reception was a big bang. And got many personal invitations. Now the inner calling became so loud reminding to use time wisely, it just can’t be overheard anymore. Some humans change their entire life, desire, wish to start “a new beginning”. Are ready for opportunities, adopting new skills, dream adventures, and triggering challenges. Suddenly life got the quality of “now or never”. Some celebrities choose to leave their families behind, walking away with a young girlfriend, a boyfriend who gives them a feeling of second spring, forever young. It might be a trick of the tail, of our hormones to feel youth, to attract, to regain long gone feelings.

60 is a six with a zero. At least for humans who stayed healthy, crazy, and curious enough in their attitude, mindset, and approach towards life. In their consciousness, that life is a unique gift, beautiful, and worth living to the fullest. It’s not over till it’s over. The saying “age is the blossom of life” emerges more n more to the surface. It’s questioned and can be triggering when due to the lack of inner development and beliefs, of work on and for oneself. Due to the absence of solid core values and ethical convictions a human stands for. If missing so hard to cover these gaps, to pretend, fake that everything is good and all right. Mostly we gain knowledge, self-confidence, and -esteem and implemented wisdom by leaving our comfort zone. By being honest to ourselves, by facing, going through but not beside our hardships and challenges. I call it “inner anchor”.

70 onward and up. I don’t know yet. Still need to be patient, to learn, to gain knowledge and wisdom of how it feels and what it takes. I like listening attentively to these age groups. Showing gratitude, love, caring, and respect to our elderly is the very least we can do for them. And for ourselves. A big part of what we have and own was built by these generations facing two world wars, economic depressions, and their sad loss of countless beloved ones.

If we could watch our lifetime like an emptying hourglass, well, we might implement and live “Cherish the Day” at an earlier age.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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