Aging, getting old starts in the brain. Our body attentively listens in loyalty and follows his master’s voice.

Aging, getting old starts in the brain. Our body attentively listens in loyalty and follows his master’s voice.

Certain humans seem to keep forever young in their aura, inspired in their brains, and fulfilled in their hearts. Others are looking and behaving like withering old men/women proudly retired from tired as a burden of life.

Aging got a lot to do with discipline, the outlook on the meaning, inspiration, and purpose of life. Lived day by day. The very personal mindmap, an inner mileage counter what and when to make thoughts and things turn to truth. Into solid reality according to one’s personal agenda, desires, and goals.

Life is an expression of our thoughts becoming useful hard facts in the best way. I think apart from our very own blueprint a healthy family history, provided via DNA from the parent’s side is additionally benefitting to reach a higher age.

“You must become an old man in good time if you wish to be an old man long.” — Marcus Aurelius

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Getting older means growing in a more certain direction of focused, mindful acting in a row, turning reality into a skill. An idea, a popped-up insight out of the blue becoming visible in mind 3D.

Being worth discussed with like-minded humans. An outcome, a product, an entrepreneur’s start-up moment. Stick to it, take notes, don’t forget to not let loose of your path and inspirations till accomplished and completed.

I used to work at a bank, started virgin 17 years old after having dropped out from high school. Attended then for nine semesters instead, accomplished, and graduated from the high fluctuational adult evening class. Mon – Fri from 6.00 – 9.45 pm. For humans working during the day but still wish to attend university. Or receiving a higher position or better salary by their employees when armed with the necessary degree.

“Give thyself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around.” — Marcus Aurelius

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It took a lot of discipline in the long term to not cancel some evening classes, to not listening to the latest records instead sent by a soulmate from London. Or enjoying outdoor activities. A chat, and a drink with friends.

The most astonishing outcome, the cause & reaction effect, even I felt tired from work there was so much awakening inspiration, learning treasures, interesting topics to listen to and participate in. It kept me mentally fresh, crazy & young, a strongly felt lust to gain deeper knowledge. And to come the following evenings again. It felt more like a mental holiday from the safe but pretty uninspiring bank job. And additionally provided necessary brain nurturing exercises and insights after working hours to prevent mental dryness.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” — Lao Tzu

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One of my colleagues who worked at another bank department loved to enter our office on Monday morning by exposing his internal desperation turned into an oral confession: „Why can’t it already be Friday?“

Staying mentally young, grateful for the sweetness life can, has to offer, and being lively inspired at the same time feels and looks different. No doubt.

Sure, this happened back in the 1970s. Saturday Night Fever, endless nights generously danced away in bell-bottom jeans under the disco ball heydays are never fading memories.

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But imagine living just for the weekend as a philosophy of life? A classic topic many songs, plays, and literature cover for ages.

Isn’t then the core value of making the best out of life, to live every day, adding up all single moments lost in its origin? The undisputable discipline nature follows automatically for thousands of years?

You can teach discipline as soft skills and inspire to gain some. But one shouldn’t force others to discipline. Especially if you’re a grumpy morning military instructor who got troubles with his ex-wife and needs to selflessly release hot steam at the workplace.

But one can act as a disciplined citizen. For yourself in the first case. Lived discipline means also to keep oneself mentally and body-tool-buddy in a good and proud shape. This got a lot to do with self-awareness, self-respect, self-love. And additionally stabilizes our inner soul compass in a balanced direction.

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There’s a deep pleasure in creating, growing discipline to perfection without being dominant or strict. In getting down and things are done on our agenda, daily program, and schedule.

To nurture, support the brain and body health status. To slow down, “to postpone” aging by continued lifelong growing, staying curious, learning new skills, or exploring interest in undiscovered subjects. Or by sharing knowledge with others. But and most of all by keeping the inner fire burning.

There’s immense inspiration, creative learning impact, and forthcoming as an outcome in being disciplined and self-organized. And saves & adds valuable time at the same moment for other activities benefiting for example our physical or social health.

And to never procrastinate, percept, trick oneself into temptational white lies why not getting started or completed the task right now.

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A moment out of discipline caused by two humans easily can lead to a responsibility to caring for another life for at least 18 years …

When we seeing a neglected, aging homeless we tend to immediately think, reflecting in a second this human life somewhere lost balance, its discipline. Became a visible saddening out-of-order sign. Switched off in social life acceptance, engagement, and valuable presence, involvement as part of the whole. A life that has lost its rudder.

No need to mention at any time and place that no human is illegal or not to be accepted and respected when being homeless and/or unemployed for a long time. When scratching and starving rock bottom. When looking a hundred years older than the missing ID card was telling. Never look away when a helping hand, support is urgently needed. A deep listening ear is priceless, a few bucks can ease an uneasy life.

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“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love!” — Marcus Aurelius

Have just moved in and adapting, arranging to a new, more affordable home. A spacious rooftop flat with a lovely terrace I’m turning into a green island. Used to run an interior design and product development company for 25 years. I love to design as it is a high discipline of form follows function in its manifestation for creating and using gained know-how of and vast experience in using different materials. I could furnish and design my new residence for weeks.

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This isn’t in my focus, intention, in my timeframe planning. I can do this step by step later then. What is triggering, making me a bit unbalanced is when can I get back to my work, my daily discipline?

My mentoring, writing, sharing ideas, supporting others, communicating. And keeping social media contacts engaged, inspired, I’d love to take the time for?

„Andrew, we need to see again before turning to ashes.“ – A recently sent email to a heart person, a soul mate, an author I’m deeply caring in my thoughts and feelings. A ten years older, solid trusted “forever & a day”friend of mine who lives on another continent. The discipline of life presenting its hard facts. Pointing in direction, our awareness of getting older, signs of aging persistently sent by the body.

Responding with keeping mentally awake supports avoiding withering. Not losing control, discipline over the own ship. The consciousness of dealing in and with time as a limited source, unavoidable aging long time before getting old.

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Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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