Authenticity is the key. To let go of what you feel isn’t your sincere self.

Ask yourself what do I really desire, wish for in my life?

Create the reality you want to see, implement a deeply convinced desire to commit for others. The actions you take and the flow you achieve determine your path. Commit to a vision.

Mind your thoughts along the way, they got more power than we may think, influence your subconscious mind. Watch your energy level, your reactions, sense your body how you feel when you’ve reached the state of flow when something inspires, attracts you deeply versus the emotions when things aren’t clear, bothering, unattractive, and/or felt stressful.

You’ll instantly feel the drop in energy level when you’re uninspired, bored, or in the wrong company. Don’t ignore this impression but react.

Listen thoughtfully to what your inner voice wants to tell you, be open to a freshly gained insight that’s different from the previous one.

Add worth to your own life by creating value of shared experience & knowledge, inventing smart & sustainable products, and genuinely dedicated custom-tailored services for others. It’s a fertile two-way road of creating, receiving, and building, bonding relationships.

We need to be persistent along the road to overcome struggles, setbacks, anxiety, fear of loss, and failure. Be strong, stop self-doubt and avoid self-belittling.

Always look up to and embrace yourself but never look down on others. Arrogance and ignorance got a high fee to pay when we expect it the least.

Replace an unconvinced mindset by creating the expression you desire.

Focus on commitment, bravery, endurance, resilience, and strength. And generously share your love for humanity.

You’ve got all you need but sometimes you’ll have to jump over your own shadow of patterned thoughts. By re-inventing yourself due to an updated mindset that welcomes change and is wide open to new ways of realization, thinking, and acting.

Go for, create your personal Garden of Eden in life. Act like a gardener, a horticulturist who consciously places seeds in the soil and cares about nourishing the sprout. Is pulling the weed (of unfocused or thoughts in vain) to keep the garden in a well-shaped condition to receive, harvest what was sown.

Release, let go from unhealthy attachment, defense, silly identification parade with others, circumstances that block your personal growth, or obscure undivided attention. You might have to change your inner dialogue and cleanse your mind, let go from narrow, shallow thoughts of overwhelming competition and unnecessary comparison.

Stay in your conscious power by generously sharing, paying forward knowledge and wisdom due to vast gained experience, expertise, and specific know-how to handle it.

Give more value to your personal journey. Head for what stimulates and inspires you by establishing a deeper, more patient, and genuine relationship within yourself.

Find your flow and stay unshakable committed.

Be a creator with enhanced self-esteem and critical thinking skills that keep you on an authentic track you confidently can identify with.

Be your true self on any occasion or challenging situation.

Others will feel and being attracted by your higher frequency level, wish to be around your nurturing personality like moths buzz the light.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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