Be your own. Soul food.


Be your own. Soul food.

Arrange a date, connect with your inner self.

“Fall in love with an idea. Go for, make it come alive. Stay true to yourself and your chosen path.”

Work on it like you’re building a house, brick by brick, floor by floor will guide you to your inner destination of happiness and fulfillment of mind & soul.

Do what you love, are strongly convinced with, and fully believe in. You truly deserve what is best for you and your life.

Leave outworn thinking and behavioral patterns behind. Make space for creative and inspiring new ones that put a smile upon your face, and provide an inner excitement when thinking of.

“Mind and avoid what’s not anchored in your belief- and inner value system but tries consistently to leaking in.”

Nothing comes for free. Free of charge got many times no value as has been too easily achieved, accomplished undeserved. Received without sustaining commitment, contribution, passion for the subject. Lack of devotion, and focus.

Be fair, generous, loving, patient, and forgiving to yourself. And others!

Live as a solitary individual like a tree in a forest of a thousand trees. Reach out and connect your roots with other trees that fit in your tribe’s vibes & values.

Stay mindful of your chosen track but not getting shattered and confused by the so many voices heard telling you how to do, how to handle, and what to believe in.

Avoid limiting mind-trapping but stay open, curious interested, and resilient focused instead.


“Be aware that only you can know best what works for and aligns with you.”

Grow your solid lighthouse shining of humanity and caring compassionate thoughts for others and your close relationships at any time and on any occasion. Be the rock and stick to a deeply convinced mode of what you stand for. And to what not!

Being your soul food means and most of all includes being authentic, clear of thought, being honest, reliable, trustworthy, and true to oneself whatever the situation might bring or enforce. It mostly involves self-respect and self-care, self-awareness of loyalty. And integrity that can’t be shaken or destroyed not by inner nor external forces trying to lead you off-track.

“See your self-development and growth guiding you to mental happiness and inner health like you’re preparing the most delicious meal. Be the chef and valued guest at the same set table, enjoying creative thoughts and activities towards inner richness and peace of mind.”

Be your very own five-star resort with plenty of space to stay in harmony, gratitude, and pleasure enjoying moment by moment.

Visualize those moments you were the happiest and smiled the most. What was in them that made you feel so free, amazingly being your very self? Freed you not only of co-dependencies but made you centered in full harmony within yourself?

“Recall these special moments. Realize these as the root of precious gained insights, the wisdom of being alive. And then turn your thoughts into an inner calling to create new timely new enriched moments out of.”

They say an artist, a writer, a painter, a musician has to go through the creative process like a pregnancy. It reminds me of Peter Greenaway’s movie “The Belly of an Architect.”

By carrying heavy inside moments of creativity emerging urgently to the surface.

By suffering to bear the fruits of mind, creative imagination, and manifestation due to visible, touchable results.


See your life as a colorful painting on canvas while you’re adding layer by layer of paint looking towards the final result, the outlook on your piece of art, the meaning of your existence.

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