Commitment. Devotion. Determination…


Commitment. Devotion. Determination. Manifestation. Achievement. Accomplishment.

See the potential of your commitment but avoid being content.

Contentment got a lot to do with simmering in the comfort zone without making any progress. Realize the reason why doing or going for something that means a lot and makes perfect sense for you. If you don’t want to do something necessary but then have jumped over your own shadow and finally did it, these are the moments when you grow, feel great. And have achieved something bigger than your ego agreed.

It’s like have gained weight and urgently need to move the body in need of exercise. Got to go to the gym but aren’t in the mood, feeling too tired and want to relax instead. Self-excuse and pity par excellence. But you kicked ass and did it!

After 20 minutes of exercising, lifting weights, turning the body around like in a spinner, stretching and bowing, blood sweat, and tears all in one you don’t regret you’ve finally made it to the gym! Hey, suddenly you feel great again, you’ve grown, overtook your own shadow. By doing it against all odds of your simmering mindset that the cozy sofa is more convenient than working out.

These are priceless moments when you’ve achieved something bigger, have met and made friends with your higher self. Look in the mirror or use window shopping to enjoy the reflection in the glass how bright, happy, and satisfied you look right after having left the body-shape-temple. Even you look younger and convinced, determined to take whatever comes along the way.  

Take a Leap of Faith. Upgrade and adjust your personal beliefs frequently, some still might be from the stone age, valid decades ago. Time to refresh the mindset. And kick out what’s antique, the remaining parts of a past life. Keep pushing through speed bumps popping up along your way. Headwind helps you to gain altitude in achievements.




Keep giving and taking balanced but focus more on giving and supporting others. Your thoughts and deeds create your destination in life. Focus on positive manifestation but not on the things you don’t like and trying to avoid at all costs, this kind of mindset just attracts obstacles in countless ways.

Know who you are. Dive deeper, explore, and learn more about yourself.

Leave your ego behind, it just blows you up and then pulls you down as you’re limiting yourself to a standard version. A kind of “living by a big ego trapped in a box.” And missed opportunities coming along your way by keeping your nose too high from the solid ground of reality.

Put more work in to find out who you really are and manifest the beliefs and things worth for you to live, to go for. I think this is one reason why so many entrepreneurs are opening new ways of businesses no one had considered, thought of before. To make a vision come true, to manifest and turn into reality. Trying to be independent in decisions and ways when and how to work at peak performance and design, invent client-focused products & services.

Take action with passion.

There are two ways of doing things. The minor one is just to do it for the sake of, getting over it and done.

Look at the results, contemplate on and see the low quality in meaning, missing excellence in product worth or delivered service. Happy and satisfied with the outcome? Having received the client’s valuable feedback?

There’s mostly no feedback and clients left to hire you, to request your input of service for the next time. Come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about.



Or you can do it with a focused commitment, genuine devotion, and pure passion to use your vast know-how. Brain & Heart on, experience in action.

Work overtime when it comes to finding yourself helps to keep your mental happiness alive. Doing what you love to do, what makes perfect sense for yourself. That feeling is irreplaceable and priceless.

With this gained mindset, you’ll go to find out who you really are and for what you stand for. Don’t go for less! And avoid the opposite ways of thinking!

Stop trying to control the past, you can’t but wasting precious time meanwhile. Don’t block yourself by previous events but set your sails properly for the here & now, and near future to come.

If your highest goal in life is to achieve incredible wealth and huge amounts of money you can’t count anymore but got to weigh you’re missing the best part, the gift and meaning of life. The mission and its desired destination of your very own path.

Always mind you can’t take a single cent or any material possessions with you when your final hour has come. The very last shirt got no pocket. As far as I do remember what Donald Duck and J.D. Rockefeller with mountains of money up to the ceiling had in common? Both were not happy humans but moody, grumpy lonely men. Weren’t they?

You need to give first before focusing on receiving. Just taking but not giving back is against the law of the universe. And won’t add anything to your Karma account, keeps it on minus mode. This is where manifestation comes from.

We become immortal by the things we do and did for others. By genuine commitment, selfless loving caring towards humans in need or desperation. Or loneliness. Or just separated, divorced from the life partner. Or broke and hitting rock bottom. Or being sick no doctor seems to have an idea or way how to heal out.

Establish a collaboration with your higher self strongly connected to the universe in unshakable bonds. Don’t talk, share about when in the middle of the process, at the construction site with yourself and your projects as this might decrease or weaken your power and focused spirit.

Keep that field of bundled energy together till you’re ready to share it with others. Listen to your soul and your gut feeling, these are telling the truth and help to discover, re-discover, explore who you really are. Your brain and mind are too overloaded by the opinions and shared mindsets of others and are easily manipulated, faster than you can think twice.

Our planet earth is called the blue planet as 70% are covered with water.

Our body is made of approximately 70% of water.

There must be a closer connection between mother earth and each of us we’re not aware of at times.

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