Don’t get locked up in yourself.

Don’t get locked up in yourself.

You are not alone.

We are all in this together, increasingly feeling the impact of a long-lasting hard-to-handle global pandemic. It’s like going through an undiscovered kind of virgin path of life. A new dawn of global social awakening and increased personal competence as our reaction. A new orientation, fresh perspective of walkable ways are hopefully going to provide answers to finding personal freedom, inner peace, and mental happiness again.

You’re not gonna worry. Your heart is wide open, right? Use it generously, you’ve got the most effective and powerful tool in your own hands. A life without sharing and offering a caring heart means missing the meaning of being alive.

Sail your ship to new personal coasts of inner freedom and lived independence. Try making more free time, engage in precious moments you can do things you love to, activities that make you feel good, light, and grounded at the same time. You are the captain and the crew, two in one.

Listen, follow your inner voice as a compass but with the curiosity of a child in a toy store and the passion of attending the Ironman in Hawaii.

Sometimes you need to take it all back to yourself. Make it a personal habit. Take advantage of the gift to take the time, and if it’s just for 20 minutes twice a day. Cut everything and all out and be in this very moment, the one close and attentively to your very own heartbeat. Have you ever realized that the seconds you’re breathing and reading these lines are irretrievable like tears in rain?

Consciousness, self-awareness, and mindfulness are a matter of understanding life in its every single added-up moment while you’re breathing in, and out. Like a wave in the tides. Don’t miss it! And go with the tides.

The lower you feel, the closer you’re afraid of hitting rock bottom the more you’re in your very life, facing inner growth and survival competence. Growth means work in progress, can provide painful lessons along the way. That’s okay and part of the process. Like the storm is bowing bamboo heavily in the wind without breaking but becoming resilient, more resistant, stronger though.

Where’s sunshine is shade as well. To be, to feel balanced we do need both. Don’t allow yourself to be overtaken by too many responsibilities, ongoing feelings of being overburdened, undermined, blown out in your lust for life.

Mind to pull the need-to-change-brake at the earliest signs starting to irritate, punish you. For example frequent insomnia, anxiety, grumpiness and bad mood, no appetite, hermit-like behavior, feeling overburdened with responsibilities to handle. Increased alcohol or regeneration substances as normal regarding your intake you can control. No joy of and zero inspiration in your daily activities or absence of interest in social engagements.

Be aware of the symptoms, they’re mostly shouting out louder and louder. Listen to your body’s voice! Your inner doctor is telling honestly and professionally when you’re out of balance, on low-voltage nerves costume status.

Never ever be too shy or too humble to ask, to seek advice and support. Or to offer! You don’t have to and should not run the therapy but can arrange with or connect to a specialist for support and professional guidance.

Do it for your own good. It works in both ways. A loving caring interest and offered support in another human is never in vain. Asking for and accepting a helping hand and shown gratefulness for support is not a sign of weakness but strength. You could be the next one in need, in desperation.

Mental Happiness and Inner Fulfillment are no exotic, misunderstood in their meaning and core importance anymore. But more than this widely accepted, realized, treated, and focused on a global scale. It’s concerningly one of the fastest-growing challenges, issues, business branches to master for now and the near future, and needs full attention and caring kindhearted openness from all of us.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto Gatternigg with Kindness.

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