Every day is a new dawn.


Every day is a new dawn.

The power of morning glory is a new daily awakening. Watching the sunrise like a golden-red fireball rising on the horizon is reason enough to get out of bed.

The early bird catches the worm, the first cockcrow sets the mood for the day. The early riser jogger watches the wonder of a sunrise like the birth of a new planet. The fresh energy of an early morning walk gives power, inner balance, and optimism for the entire day. Provides a boost for our good mental & physical health and immune system.

At least until someone tries to bring us out of smiling balance. It’s said a human isn’t the same in the afternoon as in the morning. A power nap after noon provides two lives, signed by Napoleon Bonaparte. I think it’s a different kind of energy we are receiving and sending along a day.

In Buddhism, the transcripts say that even a murderer can become a better human, got a generous chance to change for the good at any moment. No need to be a criminal to understand this deep inner karmic law and belief that change is possible whatever the history of a human is telling. Or hiding. Otherwise, there won’t have been any progress and development of global societies over the last centuries.

We reap what we’ve sown, our open mindset is the soil to fertile ground. Our thoughts create our mind, our mind builds our views and outlooks on life.

Likes and dislikes, attractive or repulsive, starting in the day with good spirit, a fresh and smiling curiosity, or in a deserted isolated simmering grumpiness is definitely up to each of us. A collective of optimistic open and resilient-minded humans loaded with experience, devotion and the right amount of humor can move mountains of insecurity. Are able to avert the fear of change, and solidly remove the desperation of endlessly meandering thoughts like a hamster wheel.

It’s contagious without borders, humans like these optimistic-mindset-warriors are mostly welcome wherever they go with open arms of interest and pleasure. With joy for life, a caring attitude towards others, a global family with similar desires and dreams to go for.

Every sunrise is a new door opening, an entrance to a deeper consciousness that life is a beautiful gift worth being unwrapped, enjoyed, discovered, and conquered by gratitude. And worked on with the right approach that we’re just passengers for a limited period, travelers in space and time. We don’t own our planet nor are we the center of the universe. We aren’t major or minor but visitors and should leave mom earth in a better shape we’ve found her a while ago. What a privilege and wonderful goal to go for!

A smile received on the way to or from work can do wonders, especially if it’s paid forward.

A friendly gesture to offer someone the parking lot instead of tricky wrangling for it like pulling on a dead piece of meat can turn even a frozen-morning-grumpy-heart into the melt.

Have you ever watched city garbage collectors how loaded with good morning energy and armed with an optimistic new-dawn-mindset they’re endlessly loading stinking remains of our previous daily lives? Maybe this is the origin of the glue holding our societies together, to do it with a smile whatever it takes, a kinda easy approach to a difficult task. To forward the message, to do it in consequent commitment and devotion. But always adding more than the needed effort, go for the extra mile with pleasure. Possible rewards can be life-changing.

Mind to reach the best possible outcome however the circumstances are. It always could be worse, like for many of us at present. Don’t take things for granted, remember how easily they can slip through your fingers. Reach out, every sunrise is a new dawn to turn things, human relationships, and working cooperatively for the better. To happier and more meaningful ones. Use the power of sunrise to reflect and change what you’ve wanted to change for a long time. Give your will a supporting hand. This morning. Don’t postpone till tomorrow.

Every day is a new dawn. For each of us.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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