Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers fresh possibilities to make a living – Part 1

Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers fresh possibilities to make a living - Part 1

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A series of four articles going to be published weekly.

Stay tuned. We are grateful and proud to have you on board.


Part I

Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers fresh possibilities to make a living

Awakened, fearless, and powerful societies

Fresh global friends, engaging meetings & enthusiastic online communities

Customer & client services in 2022 onwards

Part II


Green Energy

Beneficial & sustainable products developed for hungry quality but cost-conscious shoppers

Part III

Environmental renaissance

Tourism & traveling to oneself

Education & teaching in class mixed with online studies & outdoor activities

Part IV

Leisure activities & newly discovered hobbies

Human health services

Mental happiness & inner health

Part I

Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers fresh possibilities to make a living. If can’t find the right one for you, are not sure how to move on, take it into your own hands. Do what works for you and try something new.

Entrepreneurial high times are powered by the belief in oneself’ abilities, a service, product, or completely new ways to think, worth to convinced go for. And requests inner strength with the aim to live in personal freedom when acting as your own boss.

New kinds of businesses are linked with incredible ways to work remotely. The home office is where the laptop and internet connection is. Stay open to powerful sources of earning money without having to leave your location or a castaway island that got wifi anymore.

Full steam ahead, no fears attached. Every new beginning is a challenging calling and demanding but to overcome. Mistakes are real teachers, learning from them is never for free, see it as an invitation to pick up the right lesson for the better.

Waiting for fruitful seasons to come while not taking action is a waste of time and loss of energy at the own expense. Living costs increased traumatically, inflation is at an all-time high. No need for additional high bills to bleed! Take action, avoid postponing, start to create right now. I will do it tomorrow for sure is probably never happening.

One of the priceless benefits gained due to the pandemic is that humans became creative, have started, try to do things from a different perspective out of the situation. Healthy drifting away, eager to escape from old habits, urgently needed exits towards personal freedom. No more acceptance that the ceiling falls on your head when locked up in mental prison, a forced homestay that became a nightmare for many of us. And heavily affected our children as well!

Breaking out opens new doors to fresh input, interesting timely perfect adequate values, and wider perspectives.

We started to drift away from oversaturated markets, long-term extensively buying rituals for the sake of short-lasting “I” satisfaction.

Had to cut down the intake of news to a minimum.

Have realized how important social media became, also how much time is spent while meeting amazing new humans online we won’t miss anymore.

Are more focused on heading towards enlightened self-awareness, have left the ego in the before age, and feel strongly awakened, a convinced self again. A clean slate when looking in the mirror reflects our growth during turbulence.

No hangover excuses but most important an honest look at yourself in the first place.

A focused and outspoken sent (and hopefully received) opinion of what we want. And what not! Face to face, not just in virtual worlds where one easily can hide behind a profile lacking authenticity. A beneficial and needed change of mindset, a deep contemplation on the consciousness of being a human being. On who we are, and our temporary role on this planet.

The gift of time caused by the vast restrictions was a blessing. I got no time, I’m so busy has expired, was replaced by plenty of time to think and do, focusing on the internal panorama, regardless of the external portrait.


The home office turned into a more common corporate place, a gate to the world, not just for communication but for opening the eyes regarding the wide possibilities digital world businesses have to offer. Becoming in lightspeed online communication & learning, shopping, branding, marketing & sales -tools, etc.

A lot to be inspired and to learn from home delivery services of all kinds. If still reachable as some are fast-flying high on Wall Street.

Food delivery, if from the supermarket, or the Thai restaurant when wanting to go out in times where no one is allowed to go out. No big nerve, paper & virus test work anymore since home delivery has emerged as a priceless and convenient survival tool to an increase in quantity as well quality on free house service.

A duty without many of us would have faced starvation causing additional risk and weakening of the immune system protection wall fighting against possible virus infection. Not allowed going to the supermarket set a new standard of rules, leaving one hungry and headshaking back to zero diets.

Outstanding done jobs are signs of deep interest, a devotion that got no season but all year.

To never take anything for granted, and a NO as an option but to turn challenges into possibilities and solutions.

Eagerness to learn and to give the best even on a bad day.

Passion to serve and humbleness for the gained insight to doing it better next time on the long way when failures happen.

A genuine encouragement not to be afraid of making mistakes offers free flow to work like hot spice, chilly before chilling. Make space for creative ideas powered by contemplation on how to make a difference, on how to add value instead of pointing with the magnification glass on the mistake. To see the cause and react, to make better, new out of it.

A trained mindset on this keeps students, workers, employees, CEOs, and all of us founders mentally fit, and physically healthy far away from harsh self-judgment. But crucial things learned from and based on solidly grown knowledge. And vast experience earned by sweat & tears.

Awakened, fearless, and powerful societies. We are the people, we belong here, this planet is our home.

Nothing and no one is going to stop us now! We got the power, are stronger capable than loud voices want us to believe, act, and think in opposite ways.

The rising power of humans around the world, seeing things like they are, having a strong focus of their personal future direction on how to live life in their very own ways, no filters attached. BRAVO!

New ethical values and a change of consciousness for less consumption but creating value are guiding us in healthier waters, are nurturing our resilience. And providing insights and solutions, updated advice along unexplored ways to go.

Awakening & Manifesting – are widely used expressions in recent times. To see what reality and the truth are standing for, to gain insight on which way to go and undoubtedly stick to it mentally including all external actions. It has a lot to do with the contemplation, to see, realize the courage of being aware of oneself. Mind, whatever we manifest must come from the heart firstly.

We’re heading from the age of mind to an epoche of the heart. From material consumers to creative creators and independent producers. One literally can state, we are in the middle of creating our new world full of possibilities AND to do it differently this time.

Humans expand their visions, are upgrading in lightspeed, eager & pleased to connect with other high-frequency beings. Join this brilliant hype for the betterment. The quality of time is strongly supporting us as long as we’re open, avoid blocking of energy flow, and go with and adjust to the massive change.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is still a healthy conclusion but became a macabre spice, a flavor aftertaste better when not to be used anymore.

Fresh global friends, engaging meetings & enthusiastic online communities. An enlarged visible online mycelium all over the world, how good it feels! Inspiring, amazing bonds, and generously shared knowledge as the perfect power- and know-how tools provided for the new global village.

One for all and all for one, let’s go! The meditation classes I’ve kindly been invited to recently were moving moments of bliss. Highlights of a new world in learning modus to find and calm oneself, and parallel generously shared vibes & spirit with others, a family on the same frequency all over the globe. Fantastic what positive energy, love, and light are built up and set free in these magic sessions!

We all know that without the internet, especially the last couple of years we’d been simmering in a black hole of non-communication, loneliness, and desperation.

Harsh n hard restrictions of not being allowed to leave the house have grown into multiple ways to communicate, and being there for each other through wireless connections is desperately widely used for chats with the neighbor, checking up on family & friends.

There is no rose without a thorn. Why should this be different with social media? Unfortunately, scams and ridiculous money cravings, requests are on the rise. Be aware of, many times we can’t see the devil behind a fake face because he dresses up beautifully in sugarcoating expressions. Don’t be fooled by the game of someone who is knocking on the compassionate door of your heart by trying to take advantage of your pocket.

Customer & client services in 2022 onwards. Frequent customer is king. When serviced and treated like an emperor doors are opening and everything becomes possible. Mouth-to-mouth marketing, friends are flying in like saucers, wish to experience, enjoy excellent customer service their buddies and sisters are talking about.

That special feeling of personal treatment during a first-class flight just without all the other passengers, fancy arranged food, and free drinks till drop but down to earth.

When visiting my favorite shop for electric stuff a young, very friendly employee spellbound me several times. Caused by his attentive listening skills underlined by an engaging, trust-building smile. And then exactly delivers the requested articles plus (inexpensive) alternative items, or a creative thought that adds value to my purchase.

Needless to mention the guy is a blessing when entering and a wanted gem when leaving the huge palace for electrics.

If I got a similar business, I can tell, he’d already been working in and with my team.

An ideal employee, who vastly gained knowledge and has well served many customers while standing in the best shop in town with 4 free staff days a month and 3 weeks annual holidays.

He’d show & train my valued staff priceless skills of kindness, sharp listening between the ears, knowing the product, overdelivering even in the small items. By keeping customer needs & requests on high alert always visible through his shining eyes of interest, and engaging devotion in body language.

It obviously must have been a misunderstanding to request, to get in contact, knowing more about me, my Foundation For Humanity, and life in Cambodia. But then showing up with a lack of appreciation, no kindness, missing compatibility, or at least to show some respect or a genuine interest in the new connection. Fortunately, it’s not like that on a wider scale, a visible shout-out for attention without the eagerness to share.

And hopefully, he is well recognized by an HR department that is driven by emotional intelligence and compassion to see the human behind the applicant. A genuine interest in his path of life and not just in the CV including a museum of degrees.

An HR department that is on the pulse of time for the needs of employees but not only their own hiring & firing agendas. Happening in rooms designed as a box without a window trying to make one welcome as a first impression event of looking for a job but then never have received feedback or any response at all.

This young man (who could easily be any male or female in an office, shop, or corporation somewhere in the world) who inspired me to write this article should be receiving a well-deserved promotion, and benefits provided by the business owner himself.

An authentic leader with a sleeves-up mentality.

Who ideally shows up frequently, listens time-generously to every voice when walking around in his, her empire while taking short notes. And the hat for an employee or worker in need.

And exactly knows what’s going on when not being there without the obsessed habit to control each and everything via CCTV systems installed all over the course. Listening, watching behind an IT curtain, the unmerciful glass eye of a villain who obviously got something to hide but is in desperate need to see everything.

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