Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers independent possibilities to make a living – Part 2

Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers independent possibilities to make a living - Part 2

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A series of four articles going to be published weekly.

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Part I

Explore popping up new jobs. Focus on services offers fresh possibilities to make a living

Awakened, fearless, and powerful societies

Fresh global friends, engaging meetings & enthusiastic online communities

Customer & client services in 2022 onwards

Part II


Green Energy

Beneficial & sustainable products developed for hungry quality but cost-conscious shoppers

Part III

Environmental renaissance

Tourism & traveling to oneself

Education & teaching in class mixed with online studies & outdoor activities

Part IV

Leisure activities & newly discovered hobbies

Human health services

Mental happiness & inner health

Part II

Recycling starts with the long-term use of products, avoiding throwing, wasting away. Fixing, repairing makes sense. And creates jobs & services not to underestimate! The quality of time is perfectly right to make more work available. To make repairing services accessible and in marketing visible. Past times impressions aren’t valid anymore when repairing jobs provided last straws for humans who can’t find any other way to make a kind of living.

Unsustainable thinking and acting on how we take, use & produce, and then dump textiles containing natural sources of materials e.g. cotton as a living plant tells a lot that there’s still a black hole of ignorance when it comes to thinking twice regarding a product’s life cycle.

We’re good at grabbing & wasting resources, using them for manufacturing, trading, and sales, but not for good. Throwing away as the easiest way to keep prices high and workers, needlewomen, mothers in crowded & hot factories low.

We aren’t good at thinking and acting responsibly regarding the aftermath, the what happens or should happen with all the waste without terribly wasting non-stop.

I’ve recently watched a documentary concerning clothes dumping. Using thrown-away textiles for landfilling. Transported half over the world by huge ships delivering the unwanted freight of disguise to a country in South America that opened the door like a savior for doubtful activities no one likes to show, to talk about.

Have never seen mountain chains of textiles shown from the site, a shocking realization that something big is going hugely wrong. A landfilling that got nothing to do with land to fill is preferable using soil, sand, stones, and rocks.

The absence of any logical functioning brain, dubious acting without any responsibility for the environment before the own pocket of greed. They say that’s illegal but it looks legal and “accepted the way it is” as no one does anything against it but is shipping in more.

#StevieWonder does and did a lot for humanity, never getting tired of sending good vibes, compassion, love & light to millions of us.

While he’s sitting & singing in the darkness, is blind but carries the open eyes inside his warm heart instead. We need more of this kind of genuinely made & behaving humans as it makes sense and feels good. Just a thought between the lines.

Needless to say that immense percentages of mixed materials containing polyester and other plastic fibers widely used in textile manufacturing are swept into the sea due to land erosion and strong winds. Easy to imagine the impact on marine life, already has and will cause soon.

The money you can’t eat but might die from starvation due to a big gap where others got a heart and shining character, a lived integrity, and uncorrupted honesty for life.


A Nobel Prize or more for humans who invent technologies and adaptable ways of reusing thrown-away textiles and plastics!

It all starts with buying less awareness of what to choose, to prefer long-lasting quality you take then care of.

Imagine, you’re working on a revolutionary idea of what to do best with used clothes when not sellable, trading at second-hand businesses anymore. I promise you’re wanted more than you can handle for the remaining time of your life!

Creating, focusing on insulation materials e.g. for construction or the car industry, finding sustainable thoughts on how to use worn-out textiles for the better? An idea you’ve created turning into sensational achievements, bright news in 2022! Couple up with like-minded friends and humans, create & develop a new clothes product life cycle together! The one that is sustainable healthy-round from plant to manufacturing from sales to reusing when not in use anymore.

Amazing technologies that create something useful are wanted, producing value out of trash, garbage mountains no one ever can climb, impossible to conquer this summit-cross of waste. Short-sighted designed & produced plastic items no one needs, the wonders made from oil armed with a widely unknown half-life.

Litter, droppings, nonsense products shameless flooding cities, in nature are swamping locations & places lacking permission “to be stored on-site.” Arrogance and ignorance always got a high price to pay. In our case on the present and on future generations’ environmental accounts and quality of living.

It’s high time to heavily invest in science, technology, and new ways how to use recycled items, no way out, resources are heading, running on empty!

Reconcile with yourself. Each of us should re-think and choose, buy & use products consciously and as long as possible.

Fix whenever can while creating sustainable value instead of tons of trash in a collective. You might gain insight while repairing something you like, the kind of bliss when feeling your thinking has changed into new deeds, have opened a window on how to do it from now on.

Green Energy. For self-providers, independent calculating and acting humans who take care of the environment. Who love to generate their light and power without a solidly parked, howling n’ smelly diesel monster next to the house.

Solar power is unstoppable, clean, getting smaller in size, has increased capacities for an affordable investment that makes sense & pays off. Too much energy in plenty of time was wasted while we could already have empowered our domiciles by sunlight elevated into a wonderful source of light automatically turning on when we start to turn off.

The compound of the house I’m renting my home office is fully powered by solar light, which enlightens the location along the staircase when taking the few steps to the terrace of my rooftop domicile after sunset.

Imagine when electric cars are powered by sunlight and a button called RefreshU blows gentle natural air upon your face the first walk on the moon becomes a minor step for the human race. And Aircon systems that tick on your nerves while running noisy and shining red flags of wasting the most energy when checking the rocketing electric bill.

The way we know & use ACs today hopefully becomes a memory of unconscious approaches lacking efforts in vain on how to cool inside living and working space down in economic and ecological ways.

In present & future frames thinking architects and designers have already jumped up, are working vastly focused on this topic crying for solutions for quite a while! On how to cool houses, offices, private rooms, and public places down without pumping endless electric power in a barrel without a bottom.

There’re many possibilities to use sunlight, e.g. reflecting the rays of the sun, commanding daylight into the interior space by using mirrors. Wonderfully planned and set in place e.g. at the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank designed by Sir Norman Foster & Partners.

Pretty like the ancient Egyptians did four thousand years ago. Praying to the sun as their goddess and guiding daylight deep into the heart of a pyramid under construction or in a tomb at the Valley of the Kings.

Aware to avoid soot caused by using torches, candles, and any kind of an open fire. Too precious, time- and labor-intense were the hieroglyphs carvings applied by the hands of specialists on the pre-prepared white walls.

It seems that electricity generated by nuclear power plants is not vanishing but is increasingly defined and called green energy. This might be when knowing all facts and comparisons to other energy sources, I’m not educated enough in this field, only can think twice and try to save electricity.

Fukushima. Memories find their way back to conscious time adequate review in a topic the shelf-life no one can say exactly. Tschernobyl exploded while I was working in the vegetable garden, Sunday, all day. There was an election and no one informed us to not go outside as a radioactive cloud is Zeppelin over Europe. After polls were closed at 5 pm suddenly the disaster situation came up in the news. However. Certain things in life are hard to forget although one forgives.

Still, to store the outworn highly radioactive leftovers in absolutely safe ways remains a big question on duty to be worked on & answered as soon as possible!

Forced to full attention and undivided focus on reliable smart technologies to handle this heavy legacy in the best professional very-long-term ways.

Green & alternative power on mission companies and institutions who create, promote, and support these ventures are incredibly inspiring workplaces where the future of electricity is made.

Working on how to help humans save electricity and/or pay less and support on the long way to become independent from providers is a service growing in two figure digits. Watch out globally and jump up! You won’t regret it, I promise!

Beneficial sustainable products developed for hungry quality but cost-conscious shoppers. Found due to custom-tailored product ideas, amazing technology news from the assembly line but most of all through personally designed service. A strongly felt client relationship carried by genuine interest and intelligent ideas & solutions besides the main purpose.

Heading towards connecting on a more human 2 human basis with the product and/ or service as the second task of the agenda. Generous ways, free offers, and links to get more information and knowledge. Including online interconnections about the matter, the product and service have to offer on a wider scale adding value to and strengthening the customer relationship.

With a new price and cost-consciousness on the quality receiving for money, self-awareness to mind the pocket is applied.

Buying quality for less money, being satisfied with the product and coming again due to earned trust to receive value in exchange for the bucks spent.

Times when we were bleeding hard cash and then soon felt dissatisfied through the low quality received of the purchase but paid for, supported the brand that didn’t keep its promise to be made of class.

I can tell that countries globally famous in the past for their high-quality products, was it in textiles, shoes, leather, or designer ware are ready, proud, and convinced to start to produce again in their countries of origin. And create work and income for locals. Italy is on top of my list.

The legacy of the Roman Empire is going to set strong signs of being alive AND on the point of time. The Signore’s and Signorina’s of Bella Italia got already their sleeves up and are mature to keep the value earned and built con mani- by own hands – in the country. Are more n more reducing to just import and being slaves though of manufacturers one fully depends and relies on.

Ever waited for shipping to arrive but nothing happened or the freight was in bad shape or not on time? And the manufacturer on the other side of the globe not reachable? I can tell from my own experience when designing, producing, delivering a huge order for a so-called top five customer, and you’ve then to inform your client regarding this issue, Mount Sinai is a cake to crawl up.

Solid worth, hard value is made with and due to the own hands work, the will and devotion to product quality and service that stands the time. For sure not due to the efforts of others while one is waiting for huge containerships to arrive, to make oneself ready to unload uncountable goods for the western world made in China.

Every product or service idea has started small and developed then step by step when sticking to it.

We move on in the process of creating while developing. Designing a new thought, a product from considering difficult at the beginning of the process to cutting it down to easy steps has freed our approach when being in the flow. And mind, that function has to follow form at any time yet one can create in between to meet both agendas.

The easiest is the hardest to find, our brain prefers to see problems faster than solutions. When constantly working in the product- and design development our mastermind gets trained, starts to send solutions, faster outputs, outcomes of easier ways on how to meaningful create.

Offering support, service hands-on to help others to fix a problem you’re capable of and a task they’re not able to handle has a bright future.

When can print a house in the meantime why not print special customer needs solutions, tailored answers to unique requests, custom-made options for many fields of daily life-applicable?

Thinking outside the box through not overthinking, like opening all windows to let the fresh breeze in. It’s all in the hands and possibilities to create and offer custom-made services.


Thank you for your time. This has been Otto F. Gatternigg with kindness.

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