Fifty Ways to Live your Fifties. The man who woke up to the human he was.


Fifty Ways to Live your Fifties. The man who woke up to the human he was.

A century divided by two equals 50. The Romans, their Centurions, masters over a hundred soldiers must have known about the importance of the number 100. A hundred brave men building innovative roads in times at peace. Each of them stood for a cent, a single hundred part of the whole, entire troop.

Turning fifty is a major changing step in the life of many humans. Ever been invited to a Happy Birthday 50 party? Maybe celebrate your very own event? Memorizing, writing long lists, printing colored invitations saying: „Fifty – So What?“ Sending to all friends and companions met, have crossed ways during 50 hot summers of love and some hard to forget, frosty, lonely winters.

Looking back half a century, rich in memories, visible gone too fast years than seeking far ahead. So far. Vast knowledge gained know-how and long-term experience of everyday life. Accomplished and implemented in thoughts, by deeds, actions & reactions. To change when needed, being flexible, keeping resilience to the many different outlooks and views on the thing called life.

„Let go, breathe out and you get your breath back.“ – Alan Watts

A man, a woman suddenly wants to break out of his/her marriage or single life. Or job. Or lifelong membership.

To urgently escape worn-out patterns but going for the marathon in Maui County or joining Tour De France instead. Life as it was happening, used to be for fifty years suddenly doesn’t seem to make sense any longer.

In order for something new to happen, the old literally has to fall apart. Like a snake is shedding, the necessity of leaving behind its old useless skin to expand, to grow further.

The lost confidence in things and topics one was convinced of for half a century but not seem to function anymore even have lost spirit and value in belief. A kind of newly invented life has to be explored, founded. An inner shout-out, a late picked-up boy’s, girl’s, teenagers, younger than today human’s dream set into solid reality. Why not? You only live twice in a James Bond movie.

They say the older a man the younger the girlfriend. A second spring for men unstoppable heading towards their 60s and above. Time seems to fly faster when hitting the magic thirties upwards. It must be a request, a turned inside-out-destination, not just caused by decreasing hormones that are in charge of the testosterone drive.

It feels more like a final call, a massive tailwind of mind and heart to go for oneself. Now or never. A genuine humans desire carved into and shaped like a solid piece of Carrara Marble with the undoubtful intention to go, yes, to fight for in the name of Lust for Life. Acting, doing powered by a deeply convinced courage like never before felt so strongly.

„The problem is all inside your head, she said to me

The answer is easy if you take it logically

I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free

There must be fifty ways to leave your lover.“ — Paul Simon

Looking at the target groups and sales figures of e.g. Harley-Davidson Cycles or Triumph or Ducati Motorcycles won’t be surprising to announce these Fifty aged Star Guys & Adventure Girls increasingly in desire, in urgent need, wish for priceless independence and personal freedom riding one of these classic brand bikes.



A kinda conquering the world by a giant jump, a huge step over one’s own shadow by fully diving into the stream of life, acting immensely alive. By blowing refreshed evergreen freethinker spirit in the reborn mind & soul still on searching modus along one’s very own path and track of life.

Other turning 50 celebrities are wanting to change their entire life. Decide to relocate to go for another town, city or even abroad.

Selling or giving away their cars, flats, houses built by their own hands, a mix of blood, sweat, and tears. Letting go heart blood stuff, the entire personal collection of belongings.



Are packing the needed remains for a new start. Minding not putting too much pricey air freight speak overweight into possibly two suitcases and a tolerated seven-kilo light boarding bag.

„As long you hold on to something you don’t have religion.“ — Alan Watts

Finally breaking down unsolid connections, friendships that lost spirit, respect, and trust a while ago. Canceling contracts, clearing-up tax, health insurance number. And official documents that imposed one to a registered human at the local community. To finally move on. To enter the big plane to another part of our world. A take-off by not going for a holiday but leaving everybody and everything behind.

A number of these adventurers, explorers of a new desired life are coming back not very long after leaving. Returning to their home countries by insightfully having realized to already owning, possessing what have wished for. Why seeking so far when the good is so near, feels so safe, so familiar?

Some of the homecomers announce, explain then that if still been younger they’d have handled the to-faced bumpy road for sure and set permanent foot in this or that country. Nothing to fear as long as being in the blossom of youth but with fifty?

Starting from scratch to build up a new existence, a homey home. Finding legal work that suits both sides of the agreement. The many language and cultural barriers, differences causing misunderstandings and confusion. New circles of like-minded humans, in the best case becoming trusted friends.

To live the life of an expatriate heavily depends on visas, work permits, and their costly nerving extensions plus the goodwill of the other, mostly official counter side. Myself included. And Do’s & Dont’s to mind, to feel welcome in a culture without having many rights but far away from one’s origin.

„You’re only really there when you let go of everything and you don’t depend on any fixed idea, belief for your sanity, or happiness.“ — Alan Watts

Being older, in our case around 50, most of us carefully considering all steps to not struggle or even hitting the hard ground of reality by acting, behaving, doing unconscious, silly with an uncertain outcome.

I think this doesn’t depend on the place where one stays or wants to live and never should be used as an excuse. It’s the same hurdles, to still picking up how to do and what to take, how to avoiding mistakes, or having learned the lesson. No matter where one lives. It’s the same old school everywhere means learning by doing and doing again.

For many of us, it feels like a safety net, more grounded when living at the same place, identic comfortable routine for a long time, maybe a life long.

Till one awakens by consciously realizing the impermanence of existing. To see life as a winding road with an uncertain outcome. An impact that can happen unexpectedly out of the blue turning life like free-falling hard against its entire foundation walls.


A personal calling, a sign of strong courage that can’t be ignored, overheard any longer emerging to the surface. An inner burning to go for the desired radical change, breaking challenge, a completely new start. And to stick like superglue to one’s made decision, to go through and not beside all hurdles, boundaries, and obstacles to overcome along the way. I’ve never regretted my life-changing decision to relocate to another continent, to start a new life from scratch when turning 50.

„You just slip out the back, Jack

make a new plan, Stan

You don’t need to be coy, Roy

Just listen to me

Hop on the bus, Gus

You don’t need to discuss much

Just drop off the key, Lee

And get yourself free.“  

– Paul Simon. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover


Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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