Gratitude starts with being thankful for what we have. And the genuine commitment towards others, by giving back and paying forward.

We tend to think, to plan happiness and fulfillment ahead. The more you have, own the happier you are is widely common wishful thinking. A pursue that chains life and loads pressure on our shoulders. A burden we don’t feel in the absence of planning contentment upfront while for others the hunt and seek to find satisfaction goes on.

Are rich humans the happier ones, got better sleep due to the certainty of having power and a solid amount of money at a safe bank that buys, guarantees a spotless life free of pain, sorrow, and sadness? A timeless topic for discussions weighing, evaluating the pros and cons.

An amount of material wealth others don’t even know to write how many digits and zeros in front of the comma. Studies and surveys show “No”, rich humans aren’t happier but live in anxiety, fear to lose their safety net value of a huge amountof banknotes. Stored in fire- and bulletproof metal boxes with an “I’m safe” tag.

When reading the biography of J.D. Rockefeller it’s obvious how lonely and unhappy the richest man on earth of those days must have felt. Gratitude for what he possessed was replaced by a bold philosophy of greed for more. J.D. wasn’t only known as the wealthiest but the stingiest living human.

Reading how J.D. gambled with unstable & concerning weather conditions, trying to avoid the insurance for heavy grain transport via hired cargo ships over the oceans from one to the other end of the world is eye-opening. He earned a trophy and deserved reputation for why he became rich due to not giving a cent for free, by powerful avoiding to give but always eager to safe and take.

J.D. turned bitter and seriously sick in his latter days, his material and lonely life nurtured by avarice without any compassion or emphatic emotions seemed to come to an end. Listening in stubborn grumpiness to the final urgent advice of his personal doctor: “If you continue living so stingy and never learn how to self-less give from the heart you’re going to pass away soon.”

In forced fear to receive the free ticket, the ferryman on the other side provides the billionaire incorporated the J.D. Rockefeller Foundation, started to give money for schools, hospitals & health care, provided for the common good, and supported underprivileged groups of humans. Suddenly feelings of gratitude came to the surface, a thankfulness to still be alive and the strong desire to live a little longer, to trick the reaper.

Gratitude isn’t built on function or on free disposal, it’s the consciousness of genuine saying thank you to life, to loved ones, to fresh air-breathing in, and clean water to drink. To say thank you for the little things. For all the beauty around us, gratefulness to a butterfly that sits down on the flower of a beautiful plant in front of us or a hunting buzzard cruising the skies high above you.

For all the crap & stuff, one took for granted and needed to possess at any price but doesn’t seek for, run after any longer, and feels deep gratitude for this experience of less is more. We all know humans who receive their daily dose of happiness when heading back home like a bird of prey with hunted goods, clothes & shoes, things in fancy shopping bags that say: “Got it, I’m happy by now.”

Simplify your life, if you can do so, you won’t regret it. Many humans recount their gratitude and inner fulfillment due to possessing less when let go of too much and the basic things needed left.

One feels lighter, so-called ordinary things become extravagant and luxurious, e.g a hot water shower, a fridge, or stove. Or a cup of hot tea that warms your hands while freezing outside.

Is simplicity the answer to the overload and boredom with all the material stuff one achieves, endlessly collects day in, day out?

I think to have faith and trust in his own inner values firstly is the basis for gratefulness and all further thoughts, actions to follow.

Without the recognition of what really counts for oneself in life, no inner growth and happiness are evolving but insecurities and anxieties are sprouting.

Material things provide temporary feelings of thankfulness, joy, and satisfaction. A winner mood and artificial kind of peace in safety while genuine gratitude and selfless giving are boosters and add felt value for our mental happiness and inner health.

The classic quote: “The pleasure is with the giver” got a deeper meaning, it is the root and wisdom of gratitude, insightful faith gained in the evolution of mankind. 

It’s about how and the way you add value to your and other humans’ lives and seeing yourself as a member of these. To be, to feel as one homogeneous human race regardless of where living, possess, or the color of your skin. It is the struggle within ourselves and of others, we can learn and get stronger, more resilient, and wiser though.

It’s about finding the balance in self-mastery between strength and weakness to manifest your personal believes and goals.

Focusing too much on oneself and endless thoughts that we have to go through certain obstacles and uneasy times as the first ones ever is the short-sighted and narrow view of the ego.

There were countless humans going through, had to overcome similar or worse challenges we’re facing as the wheel of reciprocity in mankind is turning for ages.

Things appear, occur so long over n over again till they’re solved appropriately. A half-hearted approach and lack of passion by just doing for the sake of it without any additional value provided and the absence of thinking in solutions prove this thesis.

We frequently talk about awakening, finding one’s spiritual path in life. I think this all begins with knowing oneself well, by being conscious about self-growth linked to inner values. And throwing an inside anchor of gratefulness, calm, resilience, strength, and patience.  

Clients are telling of insomnia, sleepless nights, and then daydreaming working days in endlessly thinking, non-stop weird overthinking. Not being able to let go when trying to find rest, to having difficulties when a clear focus and undivided attention is needed. To find it strange saying “thank you to themselves, to be grateful to their inner-self. To calm down by telling oneself all good for today, good job, well done, let go, take a needed rest now. You mentally and physically definitely need, deserve it. Tomorrow is another day.”

The ego is a draining mousetrap that keeps us busy like prisoned in a static mindset. Meditation is brain nurturing, long walks in nature and mindful breathing exercises when frequently practiced are a walkable mix and free keys to exits of a restless mind. To explore and most of all to realize that thoughts and emotions are coming and going like the tides is essential to set oneself free.

Realizing that no one is the center of the universe and that gratitude comes before all other traits are essential to finding peace of mind & soul for oneself. And directly affects others around in their felt happiness and inner peace.

Sometimes it’s the biggest gift when not receiving what was gained and wished for. It’s meant this way, we realize this soon after. Gratitude is the right mindset when that happens, thankfulness to the invisible hand protecting us from harm or loss, an outcome we wouldn’t have been happy about.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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