How do you perceive yourself?


How do you perceive yourself?

Have you felt happy and inner balanced right after waking up this morning?

Ready to dive in the flow every new dawn, day might bring like jumping in a pool of refreshing spring water without chloride added but a big smile upon your face instead?

Are you still taking your mobile device into your sleeping room, the Holy Grail of privacy and intimacy to leaving the world outside for some small hours? Having solidly parked the smart IT tool right beside your bed at head level and online modus all night long?

To not overlook, overhear any incoming messages or added likes to your recent post that might be important to keep your life-inspired and global connections alive. Trying to find sleep, sweet dreams, and inner calm during your well-deserved, absolutely needed re-charging hours?

Are you curious and excited while brushing your teeth (the ones that enhanced your dentists’ bitcoin wallet) what the dawn of a new day will bring along besides a hectic schedule and several important online meetings to secure your job including the growth of your bank account?

Are you still skipping your breakfast you’ve got no time for but plenty of to watch the scary news on a tiny screen while walking the dog on its urgent need for sniffing the remaining other dogs have signed up by leaving an additional scent mark for each other?

Are you still eating your lunch like a hunted animal on a nervous trial to find shelter in a cave gulping down some chewable substances to silence the gaping hole in your stomach for a while?

How’s your intake of freshly cooked food, healthy nutrition, brain-shaped walnuts, local fruits, and bio vegetables along the working day?

Are you showing lived gratitude and humbleness to yourself for the gift of life you are living and the incredible work you’re lifting Monday to Friday, not to mention OT hours?

To the wonderful humans around you who’re trying to give their best and genuine commitment day by day in a seemingly endless flow?

Are you fair and forgiving to yourself in the first place before living and showing it to your close ones, next ones, and others on an authentic and honest basis?

“Can a medical doctor heal and help his/her patients when feeling unhappy, exhausted, struggling with his/her life, family affairs, and complicated relationships human to human?

In addition to the challenges, heavy health ups n downs of the clients thrown on him/her like a daily punishment? When has someone asked for the last time: How are you doing, is everything okay at your side, my doctor?”

I know exactly what I’m talking about. My passed father was a medical doctor all his life.

Are you taking frequent time to work out? For but not just for your body’s fitness. More than this to improve your mental happiness and inner health by having found the right approach, attitude, thoughts, and ways of personal philosophy for life that work best for you?

Are you still postponing these core values till having arrived at a nervous breakdown station like the last exit to Brooklyn on the reckless way to burnout?

If the answer is, ahhh, mhhh, yes, there’s some truth in this, just sit down and relax. Lit a candle. Calm your mind, breathe in this very moment. Is the flickering blaze of candlelight a sign reminding you of bamboo whipped strongly by the wind? That life is a winding road worth going for whatever it takes?

Is it a feeling of romantic emotions like a warm Sahara wind from your belly upwards to your throat to sense your heartbeat right now? Does it sound good and relaxing to your mind that just tries to overtake, overwhelming you with challenges you’re not ready for at the same moment you breathe in?

Now blow the candle out. You see a bit of smoke, smell the scent of burnt candle wax but nothing else is left. And no lighter right to your fingertips to make the flame alive again. This is how burnout feels.

Keep your candle, your inner fire burning but remain safe from outer harm. From the too strong wind of challenges, you can’t handle anymore and desperately have to shut down though.

No speaking, no talking to anyone about it as you’re aware of the most protected secret hidden deep inside yourself. To open up how you really feel.

Have you recently told your employer, employees, and staff how much you appreciate their valued input, teamwork, devoted attitude, loyalty, and lived integrity towards you AND the company? And well designed and manufactured quality products to enhance daily life activities and accomplishments gained through hard and consistent, passionate work? Priceless functioning teamwork?

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Have you created new opportunities and an awakened purpose during this global pandemic, lasting by far too long for all of us?

Or are you still on waiting mode mostly hiding in faked patience till it’s over and all of us are released from wearing masks? Like a brain surgeon is fully absorbed due to focused action trying to find the weird, disconnected strings deep inside a patient’s head?

Or did, do you actively having changed your attitude due to the pandemic perspectives to something bigger, more meaningful? To a lighter self that takes what comes along the way of life? And most of all to make the best out of any situation?

“A crisis is and always has been time for personal growth and new ways of business and income when everything around seems to be up in flames turning into ashes.”

Ready to go for a new awakening of mankind with having the lesson learned and eager to change, adapt, adjust? But with a fresh perspective in seeing your position in life as a temporary guest on mother earth who wishes to leave a solid footprint?

Bringing in something bigger and new insights future generations can benefit, learn from?

Are you honest to yourself when it comes to your self-acceptance, feelings, thoughts, emotions on the mental happiness & inner health’ scale from 1-10?*

*1 – stands for: My life is a waste, uninspiring and boring.

I wanna fly away ’cause life is a bitch and then we die.

Escaping as far as possible. Getting high with a pretty flight attendant who’s devoted to onboard service by embracing you with endlessly flowing Jacky Daniels first-class platinum limited edition at 12000 feet above sea level.

Or to a quiet place, “you’ve conquered” in the sand or a deckchair at a pool and quickly marked it as yours, my territory by laying out an oversized towel no one is allowed to enter or to touch during your absence?

The end of a long beach, no one seems to have walked so far but you’ve approached it effortlessly by an exclusively hired pricey motorboat taxi containing you as the only one praised paying passenger. Instead of stamping your feet in the hot sand while counting the highest waves and feeling so amazingly alive in deep gratitude for life?

Leaving everything behind to finding your very personal freedom island no one and nothing is disturbing, distracting any longer. Talking to and with yourself in no need for anyone or anything anymore to be happy as you’ve already had arranged everything and all perfectly for and with yourself.

Repeating your mantra “I’m content and that is what counts for me the most.” I just want to be free from all that demanding corporate exhaustion. And massively feeling tired of the never-ending commitment and all these endless contributions on a daily basis no one seems to realize and cherish though. I just don’t want to be a certain piece of the puzzle we’re all part of to gain “freedom at any price.”

If this is your outlook on life in a loop you can’t stop, feel free so to call or get in contact with me at any time. Regardless of the time zone you’re living and acting in. 

*10 – stands for: I’m grateful for the unique gift life has to offer me. I cherish the day. Carpe Diem.

I love my life.

I commit every day to something inspiring, truly important for my fulfillment and growth of myself AND for all the humans I’m living with or working together.

I love and truly appreciate myself, my family, friends, and my close circle.

I’m passionate about my work and genuinely respect and support my boss, colleagues, and co-workers.

I’m kind to almost everyone, trying to understand their life circumstances and being patient with humans around me.

I’m grateful for my own business or for the company I’m working for for several years, even decades.

At the company level no matter if the position, “ranking” is cleaning the floor and toilets or bringing to the surface at CEO level the best out of every day of oneself and each employee.

With all the huge responsibilities and challenges to keep the company going and most of all succeeding.

I’m supporting, rewarding my employee’s input, their commitment, personal growth, and teamwork for the company’s wellbeing and success. To stay in black figures during times of heavy turbulence but not as an easy catch to feed sharky wealthy banks.

And hefty competition. The competitors always seem to be a step ahead attracting business at the best-focused client’s outcome.

“Are you ready for embracing, seeing your life as a mission, the convinced purpose you’ve created, developed to go, to fight for?”

Or do you still mistreat, waste, throwing away your precious life like in the movie “American Beauty?”

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