Human competence. Salt of the earth.


Human competence. Salt of the earth.

Be yourself. Do you have a choice?

Shine a light for others and grow in your human-to-human competence though.

We consciously choose what to do and how to act to our close ones, children, friends, and others. All of us are facing new life circumstances and are driving undiscovered roads to the unknown.

We shouldn’t go back in an evolutionary scale and direction. That would show a lack of responsible behavior as a human society that didn’t pick up anything along the path of life.

To learn from the past, from our parent’s and grandparents’ time witness’ stories what they had to go through. To survive with just the clothes on their bodies but fear of losing naked life at any moment, an empty stomach for days, and broken, shattered dreams in their hearts.

“Paradise you can only find deep within yourself.” — Thor Heyerdahl. KonTiki sailor. Adventurer. Explorer from the heart.

If you want things to change, make them change, try it differently. If you don’t have a choice, invent one.

We are not the world by ourselves but we’re a solid part of it and should provide, deliver consciousness by thinking and acting in a bigger picture. At any time. To follow our intuition of what’s right and the opposite means to rethink, to reinvent but not to imitate unhealthy ways of thinking and acting like brainwashed or manipulated.

A look at our history can teach us a lot. By providing a deep, hurtful insight that a life without peace, personal freedom but ongoing simmering in frozen egocentric thinking patterns is one lived in vain. Triggered by the absence, lack of openness, love, and forgiveness life is not an engaging, uplifting one but a dead-end path.

“Without freedom, there is no hope.” — Steve Wohlenhaus. CEO. Entrepreneur. Author.

Sometimes a balanced life can be stuck. Then you need to get in balance deep within yourself again. Don’t rely on external facts, attentively listen and follow your inner voice instead of as it is your trustworthy lifelong best friend.

Choose to move forward, learn from your path but not looking back too much. Embrace the new and unknown. And smile. Life is beautiful in all its diversity and challenges.

All we have is now. Breathe. Live. It’s time to take control back of our ship called life. Adjust, adapt and go for it. Do not feel trapped like a moth in a spider’s illuminated web.

Turn yourself into the hero of your life. No need to learn the art of being authentic. Just be you at any time, don’t fake it till you make it. The real work starts with self-mastery, self-education in human core values and beliefs.

Love yourself first. Your self-love makes you not just more attractive and healthier but a shining light. Then spread your love around by lived kindness, a genuine understanding that expanding into compassion and empathy is the salt of the earth. And is adding needed warmth, spice of togetherness to our lives, and hurt societies.

Embrace core human values we love to share and strengthen them like a daily mantra.

Then throw them like a boomerang to others.

Everything comes around in life.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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