When kindness is the new currency…


When kindness is the new currency what was then the previous one?

A recently increasingly used statement we can hear at all ends in these times of change and needed new orientation of mankind.

Money, wealth, or fame? Or even better altogether right now. Ego satisfaction and selfish behavior patterns, ways of acting focused only on & for oneself with short-term gains to feel safe?

Results far away from commonly needed necessary realizations? Has the previous, on its way to outworn, outdated currency „Show me what you have and I’ll tell you who you are“ lost its meaning, value as a status symbol?

Or has the pandemic changed n’ shaken the belief systems of many to a more conscious, awakened one? A fresh state of mind needed as a global reaction, reflection due to Covid19? The near and further future will show. I stay optimistic due to several reasons.

To never go back to well-known old ways where we’ve honestly already have struggled and kinda head-shaking in flat breathing mode were looking for answers of possible new ways to go long before the virus stroke us globally.

As soon as we act, live & show what we preach change is possibly going to happen. Stop preaching water but drinking wine.

“Don’t wait by wasting valuable time for things to change, to happen. Make things happen.”

Turn your predictions into solid plans, into hard facts, into a more tangible reality.

“To stop thinking all the time about oneself will guide you to yourself.”

Does a river think about itself when non-stop flowing, carrying essential liquid and food in endless meandering waterways?

It’s said, one can’t jump in the same river twice. Is this adaptable to our advanced lives as well?

Does a flower think much about its beautiful colored blossom armed with a fancy fragrance when attracting bees and insects though?

Are we the same human in the afternoon-evening as we used to be in the morning? I’d say it’s worth a deep reflection.

„Man in the Mirror“ – has had M. Jackson told the undoubted truth in this touching song, insightful lyrics that left, still make one thinking a lot? Yes, he did. And had left a rich legacy of human consciousness, self-awareness, love towards oneself & others powered by self-value.

By starting with himself but no other. And then carried the gained insight as a landmark out to the world.

There’s no moonwalk in this song but a wake-up call standing, walking again on solid ground with the face towards self-reflection. Awakened to the real earth song.

After when have discovered, found out, reflected, and realized about him- and oneself. It mostly needs a high price, a big bang, or many excuses to be willing to do this.

“We are responsible for ourselves and all actions we take. It’s us, each of us there’s no one else we can rely on. In convinced trust what’s relevant, precious, necessary, and worth going for.”

“Do not get stuck in a mold carved and shaped by our own hands, thoughts, beliefs, and deeds.”

Narratives don’t serve you, they make you flat and shallow, got no deepness. It needs acts and deeds to be accomplished and engaging presented. Be the captain & the narrator of your life. „Two in one“ is more effective, leads to a deeper consciousness, support, and value outcome for oneself and others around.

When we see, compare ourselves to nature, watching attentively how it is perfectly organized and works in solid collaborations. To benefit, to survive invisibly above and below ground we just can keep the mouth wide open and marvel in nature’s perfection in function and sense.




Latest then we should have realized that our brain is overrated, is/was taken on a stage blinded by 100.000 watts of light and sound while it should shine bright by caring, acting creatively combined with crucial critical thinking and essential environmental awareness.

But most of all to leave a trail that added value and genuinely cared about our lives. And nature as the source of all life.

We aren’t major nor are we minor, we are the human race who should consciously update, upgrade our beliefs and social systems. Like rain nourishes all nature to sprout grow and expand in an unshakable branched out collective.

We did not come to this world, we came out of it. With a purpose, deeper meaning. A special reason for each of us, and a mission on why and for what we are here.

And finally are going to go back to nature. We like to refer, to talk, to postpone, to put this insight, topic beside for a later day.

It becomes delayed and lived in vain consciousness of here & now though. I’ve never heard any complaints or bad news from the other side so far.

“Immortality only exists in our hearts and souls.”

I’ve used to work still back then in Europe with a professional psychologist and coach for two decades who was additionally specialized in astrology. Hearing my life in the coaching session twice a year. What happened in the past, present, and going to happen in the near future I’ve been speechless countless times regarding the accuracy of the provided forecast. How a mathematical calculation, in this case, the exact minute, hour, month, year, and place of birth can tell your life.

The saying: “You can’t change the wind but adjust your sails” really got a deeper meaning in its importance and truths.

It seems that present & future professions, entrepreneurial new set up businesses for needed ways to go increasingly focus to help, support people to find the human behind their business and activities. To make a life, a living (again) but with fresh speech marks, highlighting what’s needed, necessary, fulfilling, and to follow up.

To unfold the human capacity to more consciousness, awareness, compassion, and empathy. Driven and powered by the motto „Follow me on the way back to yourself.“

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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