Leave the pressure of too high expectations, feelings of guilt, and harsh judgment on yourself aside.

It’s never too early or late to regain your joy of life, to live in peace of mind.

We all know self-triggering thoughts of “I need to be perfect in everything but I’m not sure being good enough. I’ve to be strict and bold disciplined to reach the best outcome to make a good impression, being accepted, liked by others, and recognized as successful.”

How often we’ve pushed ourselves towards an unhealthy limitation of self-respect, and -worth? Backed-up by the exclusive aim or excuse if you want so to be perfect, better than everyone around, to shine a light out of the crowd?

But then all turned into a fierce felt competition, seeing others as rivalries. Behaved, act like sheep facing a wolf when it came to appreciating ourselves the way we look and uniquely represent in our personality and work.

And simultaneously undermined self-acceptance linked with missing gratefulness for what we’ve already achieved, the value we live and stand for.

At times left behind with broken faith in the humans we’ve believed in, unshakable trusted till the entire construct hit the hard ground of deep disappointment. The sadness of feeling exposed, to have been used as a target of calculated betrayal and deceived honesty. We may have mirrored, manifested in the wrong direction and so the ball bounced back. No one is an angel or can function perfectly “as expected.”

Behaving unshakable honest and integer is rewarding in the long term. We’re mortal human social animals, a huge bank account makes no difference. God is in heaven, generously residences in our hearts to be heard and we in the best way are down to earth.

Our planet is beaten fragile in contrast to its passengers, WE, increasingly powerful awakening to a new way of consciousness, are stronger and more capable than one may imagine. Truth and resilience are daughters of time.

Too high expectations tend to lead toward lower outcomes than wished for, are nurtured by high pressure, destructive forces loaded in an assembly line on one’s shoulders. Easy to imagine where this “restless on high voltage trimmed mindset” is heading.

It’s wonderfully self-motivating and necessary to love what you do, to raise the standard but to consider the huge bill absence of mental and physical health cruel deliver free house.

Latest when realizing what really counts and creates value we take time to think twice. Hey, it’s not the only sign of success to have acquired a new client who guarantees ROI or to have beaten, were better than the competition abroad. And suddenly can afford material things worth the signature of John Lennon & Yoko Ono on their white cushion used at the Bed-ins for Peace in Amsterdam, Hilton, 1969.

Sure, this is great and comes mainly through consistent goal-driven work. Well deserved and a true reason to celebrate. Compliments!

Greater is to equally have conquered the constant meandering mind to calm, come down, taking off pressure when told so, to stop eagerly programming our existence to always be exceptional and outstanding. Conscious and focused on the task of work will guide one to heading in the flow. And provide creative insights, builds inner happiness, visible results worth going further. This is where genuine success got its meaning and emerging roots.

Despite money comes and goes, acts as an overrated tool on the unstoppable way to a complete change of the monetary world.

Old currency systems and cash in the wallet are going to extinct, be replaced, and intensified by electronic banking methods. The ones that know a lot more about each of us than a bunch of bucks in both pockets can tell. We’re constantly reminded of 1984, G. Orwells’ vision of a complete control regime, and us as glass humans increasingly composed, conducted, and controlled wherever we go.

Does it change anything when we worry, can’t relax, find sleep, are overconcerned non-stop thinking that these crucial changes are fast coming towards us besides the unforeseen circumstances Covid19 has imploded our world? No, it doesn’t. Still, is necessary to reflect on, to have an opinion.

The way this is affecting the quality free-of-work time provides when coming home Friday earlier evening, looking forward to the weekend to recharge, regenerate the inner power field by letting go of thoughts that got no place at present. An urgently needed rest to enjoying some distance from the outside noise and corporate world. Yummy food for dinner in the fridge, some red of good wine ready to pull the cork. But then can’t stop thinking in a burdening loop of having to attend an appointment at the CEOs’ office or need to pull a nasty tooth at the dentist by Monday afternoon.

We can’t change certain circumstances but fortunately can influence the mind by letting go of what’s not important or can’t be solved right now.

A freed mindset that things are going to be handled and discussed earliest, in this case on Monday, is like you’ve found a nugget consciousness by the implemented discipline of directed, mindful thoughts. And additionally added value, including peace for you and your loved ones’ weekend.

I try consciously to stay, anchor in the present moment due to mindful breathing, and a learned fast realization when to correct a preoccupied concerned mindset.

Was interested in the meaning of Wu Wei – in Chinese means „not doing, nonaction, literally not acting.” It’s widely misunderstood, a misconception, and misleading if thinking Wu Wei stands for not being active, passive, or even lazy.

It is more about being conscious in the stream of life, swinging on a frequency, state of profound realization to be in the flow with oneself and the world around. It also means letting go of material ideals as the highest aim, when accomplished on many occasions are then appearing more destroying than satisfactory.

Wu Wei teaches a gentle persistence to overcome a specific problem, an obstacle that can be worked around by letting go of permanent focusing and adjusting in the direction has evolved in.” (source: The School of Life).

I think Wu Wei the Chinese philosophy of early Daoism in the 4th & 3rd century BC got a lot to do with being generous to oneself firstly. To live self-caring, forgiving, and forgetting with the aim to reach calm of mind. A consciously gaining for deeper knowledge and patience of handling thoughts and things.

To let go mentally and emotionally of burdensome events and heavy lessons life has taught with a rough slap in the face. And mostly not to get stuck in thoughts and situations we can’t change at present but acting like a thief in our own house by ignoring the irretrievable wealth of a very lived moment.

When catching a human’s breath we can see deeper and realize how one feels.

Each of us knows sighing or continued deep heavy breathing-out like throwing plumb off the shoulders sounds in the received vibration.

To consciously notice right breathing in and out is the anthem and chant of life to foster peace of mind & soul. Additionally encourages us to let go of self-criticism, to not force ourselves to be perfectly “functioning” as a timer. To allow loosen up at times, to take it easier than yesterday, reaching the desired alignment with oneself and humanity.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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