Less is more


Less is more

Is more is more not valid anymore? Expired value?

We do hear this less is more statement frequently.

Does own “a lot of money” and endlessly gaining material goods and wealth turn you into a happier human?

The ones who got a bold bank account say yes, it does while delivering their feel-safety & protected statement without a smile upon their faces. Wealthy human’s smiles are rare, their anxieties common. What you own owns you.

Does a massive 8 cylinder SUV four-wheel-drive with wheels like inflated marshmallows and black tinted windows make you feel superior? Or do you feel ashamed driving your 3rd hand, rusty Honda Civic with a fading smiley sticker on the trunk? Well, both types of vehicles got 4 wheels and are just cars, no airplanes. Both will get you to your destination. One might provide engaging, genuine leather comfort, the other more insights into one’s personality and aura.

Do we increase higher satisfaction, feeling more worthy when living in a huge villa with 5 bathrooms and several TVs providing screens like in Howard Hughes private cinema? I have lived and worked in an open 2 rooms rooftop studio home-office & showroom for 12 years. When clients were visiting, survived conquering the 99 steps up (elevator out of order forever and a day) I heard them sighing, “Otto, never ever give up this studio. It’s a little paradise.” But no one ever said, hey, that’s not professional, is that all you have to show?” My biggest clients didn’t ask about the price of the ordered furniture design but kept saying “what a little heaven you’re having here.”

Does wearing original and expensive designer brand clothes, handbags & accessories, owning the latest technical features and tools define us to the person we are, stand for? I’ve found once a wonderful, not expensive suede jacket in a second-hand store. It fit me, I felt good and confident wearing it. The brand? I don’t remember.

My phone was a birthday present from a close friend, I think she spent about 250 bucks to make my life easier, more connected. I’m using it for 3 years now. Some buttons of the keyboard suck a bit. So what?

Does comparing us to our neighbors and inner circle provide insight, a needed comparison? Or at least adding value to anyone included?

When was the last time we had a gathering or chat (even online in 2020) with our neighbourhood asking how they are and if there’s a need for any support or a helping hand? Or maybe they wanna try a slice of our new cheesecake recipe?

Any shared commitment lately? If the answer is yes you know how and when endorphins, “happy hormones” start to grow.

Is it more engaging to eat at an expensive, fancy restaurant or go together grocery shopping at a local farmer’s market, then cooking while having a sip of the good Australian red and eating all together at home?

I would say it’s a healthy mix of both but have to admit “Love goes through the stomach”, regardless of eating out or cooking for oneself. But, cooking at home adds more grounded value. It’s the engaging talks and thoughts, the preparation, the act of cooking and eating all up in tasty silence. Doing the dishes can be seen as meditation and is not time spent in vain. It only depends on one’s attitude and adjustable mindset.

Aren’t less criticism, the absence of judgment and racism, hate, envy, jealousy, and even no violence a sign of an intact, more functioning society?

Aren’t more cooperation than competition, better than more, more quality of life and time, consciously anchoring in something bigger towards our new values?

We are a living species called the human race. We are permanently seeking happiness, good health, personal freedom, safety, love, satisfaction, stability, and hopefully sustainability. It’s not difficult to reach, it all depends on how to convert your thoughts to happen, to put them into action.

Happiness is easy.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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