Let the children play. And us adults too.


Let the children play. And us adults too.

Activate, connect and engage with the creative and playful part of your brain.

Start to play, it’s healthy nutrients for your mental happiness and inner health. And quality time well deserved and spent while increasing your entire wellbeing.

To keep the inner child alive is a life enhancer not to be unrecognized or missed, a gift worth being grateful for. The best part is, it’s not belated and you’re never too old to explore finding playfulness again.

No one or any law has told us we can’t or shouldn’t play anymore when grown-up, whatever this means. Let’s change our attitude and setting the mind to a freed one, gaining absence from caged thoughts and patterned views we might carry on to.

Reclaim your inner child, play, go on an adventure, be free of time and space. And let me know how you feel, please.

Somewhere between child-, teenage, and adulthood we lost our abilities to play, have forgotten or neglected to be playful as a fun part of life worth to be celebrated frequently. We’ve become fully absorbed, engaged, busy with daily duties, family and relationships, responsibilities, and work.

When watching children playing we can learn a lot, it’s a pure inspiration how their imagination sets them free. Their lightness to play is like ice-cream melting in the sun, how they live in the here & now by being free of fear or interfering thoughts. Later on in life, we have to run, have to become re-awakened conscious again to feel being fully here and now in real-time.

When playing together we emerge instantly inner happiness and timeless flashbacks occur, seemed to be forgotten throughout the layers of years. Living life made us overthinking a lot. We became functioning creatures without asking too much for many of the reasons, answers, or whys.

Doing more n more to reach and then keep our high standards alive but leaving the inner child outside in an isolated box kind of chamber. In need of, we’ve created a new one, the smartphone chamber.

Leave your phone at home, outside the sleeping room and/or turn it off whenever possible. Especially when playing. Learn to de-slave yourself from a wonderful tool that has become addictive, demanding, and exhausting.

No one is a stand-by living thing that has to be non-stop available.

I know well, yes, it could be an emergency case or something very important. But to be honest, how many times did a situation like that happen? Always let the holy tool work for you, not the other way around.

It’s clinically proven that time spent joyfully alone or with one another, shared physical activity, and/or play, help to improve our brains to more productive, deeper critical, and inspiring creative activity. Postpone mental health weaknesses or even dementia due to experiencing, practicing something special we enjoy and love to be forced the most.

Reasons and opportunities to play are endless. Not to play is a trick of the tail, your mindset that tries to make you think like an adult and a lot more complicated than the reality shows up. It isn’t like that at all, just don’t listen to the mind- and restless voice. Get out of your head and leave the overthinking treadmill behind.

Give yourself permission, take the possibilities powered by your very personal freedom to create opportunities. Celebrate, and start to play! Or to draw, paint. Play with clay and make a bowl. Cook. Sing under the shower, or while walking your dog. Or even cleaning your home can be seen as a very useful play with fine re-arranged and clean results.

Take a football and start to move your legs, balance your feet with the ball on top of it. No need to wait for the next champions league. A concrete patient wall mate, or a physical neighbor, a child won’t be far.

Basketball, make yourself ready with a ball, there’s for sure a hoop somewhere in the neighborhood. Or from tomorrow on “new goals through the hoop” in front or at the back of your house, compound. No ticket is required.

A colored translucent bouncing ball waiting impatiently in your pocket, reminding, taking oneself off right back to childhood memories. Take the restless little pieces of happiness and let the rubber spirit jump & bounce you in a burst of healthy laughter. Life is beautiful.

Badminton, the ideal light to carry fancy tool that provides fun for two, laughter, and exercise on the spot. No wind or playing too hard requested.

Volleyball is truly an engaging rock for all ages activity and is easy to set up almost everywhere. Look at the contagious fun and amazing techniques young humans have accomplished inside/outside of schools, game courts, and public areas! And how wonderfully they’re powered, inspired by an incredibly united team spirit. Awesome!

Volleyball nets are easy to handle and to set up on a bigger picture around the globe. They invite and lead to togetherness through play in the free zone, improved team spirit, and enjoying the lightness of physical exercise.

Pool, billiards. The classic. You don’t have to be Paul Newman in “The Hustler” showing off your born talent to sink ball after ball. Then finally the holy black 8 without any mercy but the proper corner in focus and right timing on mind while making the audience speechless.

Bowling. An evergreen spare time activity, a coming together of solid grown small groups that even would play if there is life on Mars. Latest when watching “The Big Lebowski” it reminds me, hey, let’s go bowling, we need to have some fun all together.

Boules, Pétanque, or a Bocce, easy to carry and playable almost everywhere. An ancient game the Romans used to enjoy spending their leisure time.  Provides fun and encourages debating while needs feeling, patience to approach and touch the small target ball, called “The Jack” in English.

A frisbee provides wonderfully light exercise under the sun and makes you feel like a bird. Fly a kite, get inspired by its windance in the unlimited sky. Free yourself like an eagle.

Put some favorite music on and dance, no need to ask anyone for permission! Play hard but not too loud. After 10 pm.

A swing never lost its spirit of youth and freeness. Jump on the next (safe) one, swing easily backward and forwards without any interruption and you’ll feel it right away.

I promise.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.


  • R. Arthur Russell

    Thank you so much, Otto, for sharing such an insightful and inspiring article with us! Truly so many great points to help free our inner child! Deep gratitude! 🙏🙏

    • Otto F. Gatternigg

      Thank you so much indeed, Arthur. It’s an honor and genuine pleasure to have received your wonderful kind comment as the very first one ever on my website. In deep appreciation, gratitude, and respect! Otto 🙏💎🙏

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