Life is all about people. Us, the humans.

Life is all about people. Us, the humans.

The electricity of a human’s heartbeat can be measured with a sensitive power meter in a distance of up to 1,5 meters.

It’s well known that the first seconds we are meeting someone new are crucial. If we like or dislike each other manifests in a moment of breath in, breath out. It’s the field of energies that are harmonizing or distract from one another.

The undivided interest we show to a face-to-face human builds up a field of energy between the two of you. AC or DC? The frequencies of two heartbeats try to balance each other out. When successful we like the other, are willing to engage on a deeper level.

Or even fall in love with each other. On pink cloud seven life is in its full hormone blossom. The state of a fallen in love heartbeat might even be measured by another heart over a distance of 10 000 miles. Love is a universal energy with no limits. Without love, a humans’ life has lost meaning, origin. Otherwise, there won’t be any newborn earth citizens.

Life is all about us, the people. There’s a restaurant I love the homemade delicious food and ambiance they’re offering. I always think twice if going there. It’s the people in the service, their arrogance, their “me and god and no one else” attitude that keeps me on the distance.

If you don’t like the actor do you like to watch the movie? If the singer’s voice of a great band is not on your frequency can your ears listen to their music?

Are you going to buy your next car from a salesman you don’t like for his foxy attitude, his aura of pulling you over? When it then turns out that your new car was assembled on a blue Monday, are you then mantra-like preaching “I knew, could feel it, why did I buy the car from this dollar sailor?”

Our thoughts create our life. The field of energy we senders are invisible providing creates a big part of our relationships to and with others, the receivers.

Being kind, compassionate with caring, and loving thoughts far away from the own ego but close to the ones who deserve it build up a field of energy beyond our imagination.

When did you conquer a mountain with a beloved friend, steal a horse with the one you fully trust and engage in the recent past?

When did you take “share a walk in nature” with someone you appreciate and respect for his/her human qualities and values for the last time? Could you feel the synchronicity of your both heartbeats? Were they in harmony? In attracting each other mode? In gratefulness when hugging the summit cross? In love?

Did, does the global pandemic prove how much we need and depend on each other? The answer is undoubted YES. We the humans, the passengers of spaceship mother earth, are going through a global awakening mankind hasn’t faced so far.

Our energy levels are changing from 800 years long in heavy, slow EARTH age to a by far lighter faster AIR age energy. The Aquarius age is going to be the unfolded undisputable truth, of commitment, and faith for what we stand as a human race. And exposing the fakes and liars though. This time to their own advantage.

Isn’t life all about the people? Us, the humans?

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto Gatternigg with Kindness.


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