Longevity. The summit cross in a human’s life.


Longevity. The summit cross in a human’s life.

„Be a creator, invent instead of consuming, copying ready-made recipes.

This will provide and deliver more joy, meaningful vitality, and unlimited energy. And keeps you mentally in tune.

Move, be active. We were not made for sitting only. Stand up from your desk frequently, take a few steps. Try to work standing up as well to support your blood circulation, your spine, and the freshness of thoughts. Elevators are an invitation to retire at an earlier age, take the steps instead if possible.

„Keep your brain active, inspired, and vital. Solve logical problems like you train your muscles to keep them fit. Your brain is not different.

Mental and physical activities are life prolongers, extensions. You can sleep the holy rest when you’re on the other side. I feel and think the overused phrase „holistic“ only exists in nature.


„Stream, be open to and take part in conversations but don’t interrupt others in their flow.“

Listen attentively and lively engage in discussions, exchange of thoughts, and shared feelings.

Communicate with the youth, be interested in their opinions, things they love to do and how they live, see life.“

Mind, celebrate what you’ve gained and accomplished, and then help others though.



Don’t simmer in an autopilot comfort zone wallowing in celebrating the „I“, me and mine.

Forget watching TV. Read inspiring articles and books, biographies of humans who share their insight, you can learn from. Listen to interviews, podcasts you find interesting, insightful, and engaging. Switch to your inner television you’ll be surprised about the richness of colorful channels and exciting series. Humans who are meditating are the happier ones, don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime. It’s for free and can be done almost everywhere.

 „Make time to take a power nap. Come on, you can afford 30 minutes for yourself a day.“

Napoleon Bonaparte the self-crowned-entitled emperor even took a nap at the battle of Waterloo, he might have wanted to oversleep the disaster. But it’s true when power napping you’ve got two lives a day.

 „Break with addictions whatever they are as you do it with an untrustworthy friend or with a love n hate relationship you can’t stand any longer. Have faith in yourself.“

What you don’t like in others are mostly the things you hate yourself for.

Have read decades ago a shared insight of Carlos Santana. The master openly „confessed“ to have given up on drugs to see the full horizon, the big picture in the meaning of life but not just a cloudy part of it. One can’t explain, say it any better.

„Cultivate a reduced lifestyle. Avoid overload and embrace simplicity.“

Get rid of what’s a burden, too heavy to carry. Or doesn’t serve you anymore. With light luggage, it’s easier to travel, to move on, to go through every day in a row.

„Clean body, clear mind, and a warm caring heart“ center and guide your inner compass in the right direction. Life is a beautiful exciting adventure and experience worth to be discovered every morning from dawn onwards.

Walk through the day with open eyes and sensitive senses. Don’t just pass by with a pre-occupied mindset and closed eyelids for the beauty happening around you.

Leave your problems where they belong, don’t allow them a stage.

„Have loyal, trustworthy, and humorous friendships and connections. Avoid bores, egocentrics, non-stop-without-full stop-talkers. And surface sunshine friends who lack integrity and genuine interest in you.“

Chose your words carefully, be kind and respectful without pleasing others.

Don’t compare or beat yourself under your level and gained wisdom, values that mean a lot to you. Keep your self-worth in high regard at any time. Don’t settle for less! Repeat, please. Thank you!

 „Never feel guilty or overburdened for your past or mistakes and things you can’t change any more. Or for relationships that didn’t work out.“ You didn’t murder someone, didn’t you? Forgive and forget then you are the lucky one.

„Don’t overeat. Our body system needs a power plant to digest, no wonder we feel tired and brain tipsy after an opulent lunch.“

Mind your fiber intake as it’s crucial for the vitality of the guts, your second brain, 4 kilos to invisible carry, and around 10 meters in length. Armed with a lifelong memory stick that can’t be erased.

 „Eat several small portions of green food over the day. We are omnivorous not just meat addicts, dependents.“

Avoid a family plate of fried food or a burger n’ fries festival. Don’t fall for the promotion temptation bargain offered just because it’s so easy to get and tastes so familiar all over the globe.

Do it as the Romans did. Prefer a light meal, a salad, and fish at noon and then more food at early dinner time. The Italians standing for the aftermath of the Roman empire even drink a glass of wine along with their lunch. Have hardly ever seen an Italian drunk in the day but back on the way to work. Responsible drinking combined with culture and a bottle of “aqua minerale”, mineral water makes it possible. 

„Turn from a consumer to a producer. It’s the little things you can do, originate, bring to life.“ You don’t have to establish a new generation of cars powered by sunlight and wastewater.

Support your local farmer, producer, trustworthy distributor instead of pushing the already overweight mass food industry even fatter and wealthier. Know what you eat in the best possible traceability and cook yourself whenever you can find the time. And always use genuine high-quality olive oil.

Share your experiences, thoughts, reflections, ups n downs with the circle of people, friends you trust, and feeling confident with.

Don’t close up and simmer in a loop of thoughts anchoring themselves.“

Check your attitude and usage of „clock time.“

Don’t live by your watch only, go with your inner time.“

In the new age of less corporate work at the company’s headquarter but home office to make a living more and more humans can apply to this. Observe your peak levels of energy, productivity. Early morning-afternoon-evening-night whenever able to perform and create at your personal most productive time, focused in the flow on the outcome and creative input.




„Be the right person others like to engage, being around to nurture with curiosity, genuine interest, and sunny pleasure.“

Don’t live like a grinder. Be a dispenser aligning, fitting with yourself.

Be courageous. And brave! And generous with your love!

Celebrate your small victories and sum them up.

„When you feel at home deep inside your mind, body, heart & soul that’s your very tone, recipe heading for longevity.“

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.


  • R. Arthur Russell

    Thank you, Otto, for sharing this wonderfully rich article. You shared so many tipsand insights! 🙏

    • Otto F. Gatternigg

      I’m truly grateful for your amazing comment and appreciation, Arthur! It’s always a personal highlight to see a comment and being in contact with you. I admire your inspiring writing a lot.

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