Love and accept yourself the way you are. Be your very own flavor and spice.


Love and accept yourself the way you are. Be your very own flavor and spice.

Miracles happen when you’re grateful for who you are and for what you have. For the humans you love. For your work. For the subject areas and projects you’re busy with, engaged in, or stand for. For countless things worth saying “thank you”.

Your thoughts create your life, your habits manifest your activities and deeds of trust. Discover, recognize and celebrate your self-worth.

Let go, move forward in your mindfulness, release outworn life patterns, all not necessary or valid anymore. A hot air balloon has to drop ballast to rise. In our case to emerge to new heights, levels of consciousness, a lived social responsibility, self-growth, and self-manifestation.

To explore life as a journey with and towards ourselves. A genuine smile is the shortest connection between two humans. We deserve, very yes, must have fun and laugh more frequently. In particular regarding ourselves, as we sometimes tend to take things, situations, and ourselves (myself included) too firm, unnecessarily serious. This is the fertile ground where anxieties start to bloom, grow, to overwhelm us. Always mind, too formal, strict, the absence of humor and swing, no smiling, no speaking, no talking aren’t engaging nor inspiring. But boring, dry, and lackluster.

Fruitful, creative enhancing, lively communication includes deep listening as a key factor for everyone involved. Right after being a ray of sun in one’s very own aura, lived kindness, and attentive oral & body language. And sometimes seemingly forgotten behavioral manners.

What you give in life comes back to you, it’s just a matter of time. The good, the bad, and the ugly, the classics, there’s no possibility to escape from one to another self. We harvest what we’ve sown. We’re building, carving, model our Karma like Antoni Gaudi’s forever unfinished Basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

Don’t wait for something you already are, have.

Think and act more like a farmer than a hunter searching for a bird of prey. No need to be a vegetarian to behave like this. In finding, making your decisions, and consequently working on until your very own goals become reality, undoubtful truth.

Your thought is the seed, the intention, the act. What you create becomes your very own path of life.

What you wish and deeply desire manifests your direction to go. Always mind, be attentive to what you’ve wished for, look at it like from a bird’s view.

It tastes good, is fulfilling and rewarding with inner peace to create and living a clear focused mind, a clean well-treated body, and an open, caring heart.

Be your genuine self at any time without pleasing yourself or others. Pay deeper self-respect and implement more self-caring, self-nurturing thoughts, self-love, and activities you deeply enjoy instead.

Life feels safe as long as we might be sure to wake up the next day again. In fact, nothing is secure, everything is in a state of change, impermanence in space and time. And no one knows ahead of waking up as a daily routine the following morning. Clinging to safety and security can enforce to lose gravity, grip on life, can leaving the so-called safe ground behind faster than you can breathe in – out.

„I’m going to be huge, and it’s quite frightening in a way …” — David Bowie. Hunky Dory 1972

Look after and take good care of yourself. Your strong health is your biggest asset, your CV of mind & health. Your body road map of how you treat yourself day after day after day. Make it a careful personal pattern, a habit a long life long.

Many people tend to wash their cars after Sunday lunch as a symbol of their caring attitude for four wheels based on a lightning-proof metal box with an integrated sound system that blows you the ears over. And life-saving, rescue bags full of pressured air released with a big bang when triggered.

How about you? Your symbols, very personal healthy signs? Honest feedback on self-caring and self-care? For example on Sunday afternoon, when we try to lay down our bones to rest in the here & now. To aircon our restless mind but already are meandering mentally in Monday’s duties, a

tight schedule, and some unpleasant staff hurdle to handle.

„We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.“ – HH Dalai Lama

Have you ever enjoyed, made yourself a present with, for example, a deeply relaxing, regenerating foot massage? A short recreational moment to showing gratefulness to the least parts of your body seem so far away from the head, your very master command center busy like on a 007 mission.

This ancient Asian treatment honors your amazing selfless feet, gives them bright limelight in deep respect. By applying refreshing pressure on vital meridians, exactly defined points. The interfaces of your entire body system are entirely lined up at your soles.

We’re walking a life long on a golden treasure without knowing, mostly not realizing it. Within your muted ten little precious toes on top carrying you solidly through dusty, muddy, stormy, and winding roads of life with the sovereignty of a Bentley 1929 Birkin Blower.

You are. As the sun shines, the tides repeat themselves, and the stars spark all in all as part of the universe. For the daily forthcoming and maintenance, you’re responsible. The remaining rest is up to a higher force that takes care of you. Trust in this energy the universe is offering, nurturing, and providing for you. For you only.

Approach. Think your thoughts like in a 3D print. And deeply manifest what you wish, desire for. Mind that your dream destination is built on solid ground, on mindful thoughts becoming facts through consistent, passionate, and resilient work. In progress. Coming soon.

“I have to carry on with what I’ve started. There is nothing else for me to do …” — David Bowie

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