YAYA Noeum

Ambassador for Women Empowerment & Support

Talking to female entrepreneurs in my neighborhood.

To take time, compassionate asking, and attentively listening how they’re doing with
everyday life challenges.

Giving advice from my own experience on how to overcome shyness and not telling
how it really is has taken a while to implement, to get this fundamental point over.

Telling without hiding uncomfortable or painful topics that need to be openly spoken out.

It’s easier for me to offer help on the spot and support after knowing more about
their situations and background circumstances.

Receiving fundamental information if everything is fine with their mental and inner health.

Hearing their family stories and that their beloved children are hopefully doing well
is a crucial part of my work as the Ambassador for Women Empowerment & Support.

I was born in a village in the remote countryside but in my early teenage days had to move and work abroad. My dream was always to have a cozy and lovely home with electricity, a proper kitchen and warm water access, a place where I feel safe and at peace.

I’m a homebody, my rooftop apartment and terrace garden are my little paradise.

I like to invite close friends for a BBQ on weekends. To eat, drink, talk, and share some hours of togetherness.

I love to spend and devote my leisure time finding new items for my private artisan handicrafts collection.

Beauty is what beauty does. My focus goes on keeping traditions alive and supporting skilled local humans who are still creating Cambodian traditional goods “con mani” – with their hands.

And luckily over generations provided and transferred knowledge on how to do it.


I prefer to collect selected interior design & accessories, textiles, and fruits of the loom.

All pieces are in property of private collection and available on request only.

” Beauty is what beauty does.”