Moving forward. Time to leaving twilight comfort zones behind.


Moving forward. Time to leaving twilight comfort zones behind.

Be aware of what no longer serves you. Time to close certain chapters. Leave them behind, lessons picked up along the road and implemented. Move on and write new exciting ones.

Don’t look back but mind and use your gained vast knowledge wisely. Look ahead. Forward and up. No fears attached. Expand your consciousness by engaging and embracing things and topics you are not experienced with.

Do what you’ve wanted to do for a while but never had the courage to, despite knowing your “innerer Schweinehund”* is repressing, holding you back. (*kind of inner pigdog. German phrase. To overcome inner obstacles, resistances, and fear).

Make friends, be communicative and learn from and inspire new kinds of people. Go for a new awakening of your personal expansion and growth. Feel, embrace the change.

Only take what’s close to your heart, your deep personal interests, and your passion. Enjoy. It feels good to reset and reload oneself. You’ve got all you need to step into your inner power. The faith, the love, and trust in your very self.

Overcome fear and absence of self-confidence, inner resistances through personal engagement, and supportive involvement.

Develop, write your very own iAction Plan.

Grab opportunities or invent them.

Openness, curiosity, and asking for advice are for free. Humans mostly feel appreciated when being asked for help or for sharing their experiences, knowledge, their wisdom of life.

Selfcare, self-forgiveness, and self-respect are non-negotiable. You need to mind how to take care of yourself, how to focus on what really counts for you. And how to recognize your own needs in the first place.

This comes before helping others without being egoistic or egocentric. Increase deeper compassion for yourself. Self-kindness, treating, and respecting oneself well are your best acquaintances you can rely on in any circumstances.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.


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