My path of life

I was born in Austria, Europe in 1959, started at the early age of seventeen to work and learn the bank business after have dropped school. Have left this way of making a living seven years later and founded as an autodidact my interior design & product development company from 1986 – 2009. 

It’s the process of creating when form follows function. Through supporting my clients to increased sales when implementing, focusing on professional product design. To shine a light on the global market, to set the company’s direction & to underline the company’s mission.

My executive manager position at the Institute for Design IFD in Austria made it easier to inspire, to work with carpenters and companies of the manufacturing industry to reach higher sales. And to increase their number of clients and unique presence on a global market.

“I don’t need a stage. Reach me a chair, please, so I can sit at the same level eye to eye with my audience and friends.”

My attention and focus are underprivileged families and their children I love to mentor, and providing basics of daily life to support their mental- and physical wellbeing. And needed but many times not affordable access to appropriate, devoted education and self-development.

Due to overworking and the heavy challenges life throws at us at times, I burnt out when turning forty. A trip to South East Asia immensely helped me finding myself and provided solid ground under my feet again. And has changed my further direction in life. 

I started to meditate with monks in Thailand and have found a deep interest in the Buddhism teachings which are thoughtful lessons and philosophy for everyday life.

My work and mission are defined by encouraging, engaging others in uneasy life circumstances and transition. Through mentoring, guiding & support other humans to reach a happier and more fulfilled life (again).



It can’t be early enough to engage, teach young humans to arrange, and how to cooperate. 

Powered by the spirit of teamwork to enhance and embrace creative and critical thinking skills. 

Needless to mention that teaching and guiding the same young students (grades 3 & 5) in meditation and right breathing was and still is a highlight of my life. The benefits of starting meditating at an early age and stick to it are priceless and for free. And can be done almost everywhere. But most of all wonderfully supports our mental happiness and inner health. 

Have retired from the education industry in 2020 and established my Foundation For Humanity focusing on mental happiness and inner health.

I found my new home and family in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world facing genocide from 1975-79. 

I do believe in humanity and personal growth by being compassionate, generous, and encouraging towards others in need. 

I frequently write articles to raise awareness regarding the importance of mental- and physical well-being and how to gain inner happiness & peace of mind.

Paradise can be found only deep within oneself.”

– Thor Heyerdahl. Norwegian Adventurer. Explorer. KonTiki sailor.