Our world is in transition. Grab this opportunity.

Our world is in transition. Grab this opportunity.

Invent possibilities in new ways of thinking & living your life.

Focus on yourself, make your own thing come true. If you’re CEO, a member of the globally fast-rising entrepreneurs’ family, or employed but ready for a change. Maybe relaunching your brand?

Times are ideal to act and think ahead.

Choose, go for variety powered by openness but absence, lack of fear. Don’t wait for advice coming out of the blue to examine which ways to head successfully. Manifest your energy, activate your imagination and you’ll attract the things seeking.

These are not statements stolen out of an esoteric book or picked up at a weekend seminar but the undisputed truth. I can tell you several happenings even while life-threatening situations occurred or practicing strong manifestation; e.g. when walking or meditating.

Be grateful and don’t take anything for granted. Trust and listen more attentively to the messages and emotions delivered by your second brain, your guts. Follow these insights mindfully as they mostly got a deeper meaning.

Structure your thinking raises the consciousness of your desired destination. We’re facing a life that was to be modified in its manifesto due to the fundamental changes Covid19 has conquered and converted our world.

Inhale new life into your genes & veins, innovate thoughts of refreshed approaches, rearrange things you already did the same way a thousand times. Do them the other way around or wanted to try for a while but do it now. Or leave them besides, you choose and no one else.

Explore new directions, time adequate and of sustainable value, the ones that pop up in your mind & gut feeling the first. These are the right advisers to listen, to follow.

Start with simple steps, no need to overdo but to be optimistic strongly disciplined. Good and valuable things need devoted consistency to happen. Set your mind & heart on fire driven by the sincerity and interest in topics you haven’t dive into or experienced so far.

Set strong signs you can’t overlook or neglect, daily proofs in a mirror of inner growth, and genuine willingness to going a step further. Evolve enthusiasm, put on these boots of life as they’re made for walking.

“Money isn’t the answer, finding freedom by a raised consciousness for peace of mind is.”

Concerningly not much harmony around in our external unbalanced & unstrung world. When discovering, growing an inner lighthouse, an anchor of higher consciousness and calm no external influences, and heavy situations can swipe you off your feet or kill your vibe that easily anymore.

Mental health issues are increasing worldwide at a rapid tempo we’re going to see more obviously on a bigger concerning scale.

It’s seriously up to each of us how to handle & keeping our mental happiness and inner health wholesome. We are responsible for our entire well-being and can’t change external factors but adapt our mental state of mind.

Find out what you’re missing, wish for the most in your life, manifest deeply, and work on resilience without thinking to receive as the final goal. Things happen the way they have to, you’ve got the perfect timing and freedom to invent for what makes the most sense for you.

If you’re struggling, and many of us do in certain ways especially since the beginning of 2020 always keep in mind, darkness can’t restrain light. You’ll raise, can, and will be reborn in a fresh awakened awareness of self-confidence that this is your life in all its countless moments.

It’s just a matter of time things need to grow and situations to improve. Meanwhile, you won’t let loose control over your inner belief and faith to getting over it by going through and not beside.

There is no back to normal, it’s a new beginning of an inexperienced life for all of us. A crucial time we can show how much our relationships, social lives, and the environment really count to us, for what we truly stand and genuinely are willing to fight for. I’ve already mentioned, wrote this in its importance, and will say it again.

“Integrity, loyalty, and freedom in togetherness are key factors and fundamental for healthy & functioning societies.”

Learn to know yourself better at any breath you take, contemplate on, it’s worth the gained insight. And beautiful and exciting to observe.

“Work on your self-discipline, grow within yourself by consciously introducing your mind to your heart without any ego involved.”

Practice, leave all thoughts besides, behind, see yourself as a human being who came out of this earth to find happiness in a limited time that you can’t extend or take anything with.  

Mind your clear and undivided focus on what you do and wish for. Whatever the challenge or duty might be, execute one by one in the highest delivered quality. Avoid too much multitasking whenever possible.

The saying: “You can dance only at one wedding at the same time” contains a valuable message to mind. 

Enjoying to explore new ways of thinking and doing is what keeps us motivated and provides youth’ hormones.

To feel like a hungry pioneer heading towards an unknown land.

To act like crusaders on a mission for peacemaking to reach the best outcome of any situation by inventing a completely new one. The resilience, eagerness for solutions included.

“Happy humans are humorous, generous, and forgiving. And like to be funny as well. They don’t take life but most of all themselves too seriously (anymore). A lot to learn from this wisdom in time.”

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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