Personal culture. Never too late to work on.


Personal culture. Never too late to work on.

Grow a tree. Be conscious of where the oxygen you need to breathe is coming from. And who inhales the used air by changing it to make your inhales refreshing ones.

Give more than you expect to receive, do it unconditionally. You’ll be surprised what valuable situations and things coming back to you when the least expected. No one ever became poor by giving but by stinginess, jealousy, envy plus a lack of interest in other’s heavy life circumstances.

The thing that matters are others’ way down to yourself. No one is a hermit but an important part of the best possible ways in a peaceful togetherness. We all share this planet but never ever own or being the master of it.

Let the ego go, create instead. And be kind, be forgiving & generous to yourself AND others. I know well to have said and written this for many times.

It’s so easy to criticize. To let another human down by delivering harsh and disrespectful words under the beltline.

But it’s so hard to do it better or more convincing by sticking to and living one’s very values. Great humans don’t criticize but inspire and guide, give kind and generous self-less advice instead.

We all were absolute beginners at a certain point, never forget this fact and important part, the path of your personal growth. If you think you know it better, let others participate in your knowledge and gained wisdom. Spread, inspire and share the achieved state of mind.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” — Dale Carnegie

You grow by uplifting and supporting others in need of help, by providing compassionate and supporting ears. And a confidential shoulder to lean on.

By choosing the right words in a respectful manner you can say anything. Using the wrong ones is a secure way to disqualify yourself and being avoided by humans not only around you. Think twice before criticizing others. Always start having a not too generous look in the mirror with yourself firstly.

We’re all growing by doing, acting in a certain direction one should respect but not interfere with or destroy in their efforts. Nonconstructive harsh criticism is telling more about the deliverer than the target person. And got no skills of influence or worth at all.


Set strong boundaries to connections, influencers, or voices that trying to undermine, poison, or weaken you in your spirit and passion for life & work. Regardless of whom you are, coming from, and what you’re doing or trying to achieve. Leave fears behind, connect with your passions instead and start to create. You’ll realize that there’s no space for living in fear left. It’s mostly a construct of the mind that tries to keep you busy, small, and insecure.



Grow over your fears and replace them with a fearless state of mind. What we fear the most mostly never comes true. But limits our abilities to think clearly and to work focused without a preoccupied “caged” mindset.

Of what might happen if I lose, fail, if I not being successful with this or that project, I might have chosen the wrong path and get lost and lose despite all my efforts. You won’t, I promise as long as you keep moving forward and a contagious unshakable optimistic open mindset alive.

Living in fear holds us on a toxic mental distance from the meaning of existence but most of all keeps us away from togetherness. And additionally limits our inner development. It’s easy to make humans fear and nurturing anxieties though. To make people feel good and secure needs a lot more. Most of all trust and belief that things are authentic and true.

Never give hate a chance to take control over you. And others! Being hateful, a hater won’t let you find the right humans that fit you but will always bounce back to oneself in unkind ways.

Hate seems to be easier to accomplish than peace as it’s a devil’s tool to get in our heads and heavily influences our thoughts and actions. Hate is a brainwasher using toxic detergents trying to destroy your spirit, your peace of mind & soul. Always mind how much energy it takes from you when hating. Compare how it feels when hate got no fertile ground to be part of your life.

Start to read books you’ve chosen carefully in genuine curiosity because you’re deeply interested in the topic. And experiences and inspiring knowledge, the wisdom shared by the author. Don’t only read premade messages and posts. It’s well known, what is the gym to th body is reading to your mind.

Reading is a peaceful activity that gives your brain space and ways to think, visualize, and contemplating on. I got some books in my mobile library I’ve traveled with and carried in my luggage many times around the globe. They’ve become my personal bible I love to read when my mind needs to rest and is hungry for inspiration at the same time.

 “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – Christopher Robin to Pooh – A.A. Milne.


Thank you for your time, this has been Otto Gatternigg with Kindness.

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