What we can do for you

We’re focusing on real-life situations and events, on core values to gain peace of mind & soul.

Working on oneself is necessary to find an inner anchor of calm, confidence, and strength.

Mental Happiness and Inner Health – we realize the importance of these fundamental columns of life latest when they’re gone.

It’s crucial to start with investing in your entire well-being in time to secure and support good mental- and physical health necessary for everyday life- and work performance. Feel free to talk to us, we’re here to attentively listen and to customize, tailoring the right treatment for you.

What we offer

Enhancing Self Development Sessions

– We encourage you to open up and share the authentic you

– Overcome struggles, challenges, and obstacles life throws on us

– Increase your EQ Emotional Intelligence and compassionate thinking

– Realize and learn more about how the wellbeing of body & mind influences the quality of your daily life decisions and their outcome.

– Be your own best friend, appreciate the way you uniquely are, be genuinely interested in other humans’ lives, share & care.

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Meditation. Breathing. Finding the inner child again. Ways to keep it alive.

– Experience how the right breathing method enhances your entire wellbeing

– Find your inner calm, let go of overthinking, and find peace in the here & now through guided meditation

– Breathing techniques to gain increased confidence when facing stressful situations and events

Mastermind Group Talks

Participants from all over the globe got the unique opportunity to stay together in a closed reception. To bundle their wisdom and shared energies to spreading, to paying forward to our societies globally. 

By sharing and exchanging experiences, know-how and gained wisdom. On how to reach an increased joy and happiness for Life-Work balance. Including its challenges, ups n downs and unlimited adventures to discover. 

Want to learn more or help yourself and others?

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Q: How do I help with anxiety, overwhelming thoughts of fear and inability to find ways out of improving the situation?

Personalised mentoring to help my clients lift the world’s problems off their shoulders and reduce personally inflicted pressure.


Create strategies to: 

  • focus on one’s own needs
  • gain achievable goals 
  • remove overwhelming thoughts
  • Loosen up by deeper self-caring
  • Improvement & guidance of breathing techniques

Q: How do I help with mental health disorders within companies?

Introduce a fresh approach due to team spirit, a bespoke plan by monitoring the current culture within the company. Provide risk-free ear for employees to discuss matters anonymously. Develop a culture of no fear attached together with the senior members. 


Create strategies to:

  • Easy access to talk openly to a confident company’s person about mental health difficulties at the workplace
  • Promote mental wellbeing at the workplace due to being more respected, heard, and compassionate listened to
  • Creating, building and strengthen the company’s culture where employees are feeling safe & supported during pandemic- or personal challenging times and/or low performance of the company
  • Face to face mentoring and guidance with affected employees

Q: What can I help with if you’re feeling exhausted or heading towards burnt out?

Develop a tailored treatment plan for any individual to: 

  • Enhance self-worth 
  • Create time due to taking time  
  • Removing pressure and self-doubt 
  • Practice a loving-caring mindset for oneself

Create strategies to:

  • find it easier to relax and let go
  • cultivate a personal culture of treating oneself with kindness, respect, and self-worth
  • being more generous but not strict and forcing towards oneself
  • taking time for meditation as a daily habit

Q: What ways do I help with low self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-worth?

Implement a bespoke program based on nurturing, reinvigorating self-worth, love, and esteem. Providing an open mind to listen, understand and rebuild a healthy and resilient mindset. 


Create strategies to:

  • enhance & embrace self-love and-esteem, self-respect, and inner growth
  • encouragement to a more positive outlook on life due to caring ore consciously about oneself in the first place
  • appreciation from humans who’re trustworthy, know and appreciate you the way you are
  • focus on personal strength and skills but not weakness

Q: How can you help with looping thoughts and entrapped mindsets?

I will create a tailored approach based on and implement: 

  • Physical conduction (sleep, appetite, digestion, daily routine, family history) 
  • First thoughts in the morning, last ones before bed. 
  • Understand personal reasonings and challenges 
  • Breathing techniques to help with letting go

Create strategies to:

  • a gained mindset of new thoughts to let go and let be situations or facts you can’t change or influence right now 
  • reaching a conscious open-minded thinking that looping thoughts & feelings come and go, are not permanent but worth to let go
  • Implementing right breathing and meditation to support the process

Q: What ways do you help and support people with insomnia or other sleeping disorders?

Alongside providing highly personalized mentoring I will implement: 

  • Deep and compassionate listening to understand the mostly complex cause of insomnia
  • Breathing techniques & Guided meditation
  • Mind nurturing talks to gain a greater understanding of oneself 
  • Aim to implement nurturing sleeping habits and provide a refreshed outlook on life & work when going to bed and wake up the next day 

Create strategies to:

  • consciousness of mindful thoughts to let go, to leave the world outside when it comes of taking a needed & well-deserved rest
  • implement breathing techniques and a daily habit taking time for meditation for twenty minutes.

Q: How much do I cost?

1st consultation is for free. 




  • A 40 min. confidential online chat to get to know and learn more about each other
  • Active and compassionate listening by the mentor
  • Providing insight into the client’s status quo. Ways to improve the situation
  • Deciding if both parties wish to go further in mentoring and guidance
  • Offering a client-tailored package  
  • Physical face-to-face mentoring on request

To book per hour/ 60 minutes / fees are:


From experience, we do recommend a minimum of 3 mentoring sessions to achieve visible improvement and felt well-being.


3 hrs. mentoring USD 300~ / 5 hrs. USD 480~ / 10 hrs. USD 950~

“Otto has been collecting his knowledge and experiences all over the world and is always ready to share it in order to help and support others. His intercultural relationship skills are outstanding.”

~ Zsuzsanna Kriszan, B., Hungary. Europe.

“Anyone who gets to work with him feels a pervasive inner peace. Otto has special healing energies for anyone who is blessed to having his support.”

~ Tran Thi To Nga, HCMC, Vietnam.