Success is more and more defined on how to handle changes in the fastest adaptable ways.


Success is more and more defined on how to handle changes in the fastest adaptable ways.

Engaging and involving in the changes, to embrace yet unknown experience.

Thinking all the time doesn’t stand for living the moment but keeps one occupied. It’s magic when you’re opening up and paying attention to your senses instead of a scheduled mindset that always keeps you busy. 

Doing things like you’ve done them forever & a day might keep you going but not evolving to a higher level. It’s like playing tennis with the same partner for a while. You’ll need a stronger contrast, a force to become better, faster, and more resilient.

When change happens we tend to feel it “as a sudden eruption, distraction, a push into the cold water. Off-track moments to an unknown still to gain experience to extend our knowledge.

When someone asks me to name gained insight and wisdom of life and how to implement it in daily life I’ll respond: “To make the best out of any situation regardless of the circumstances. To think about possibilities and solutions. To be wide open for change and new ways to adapt, think. And do.”


When looking back let’s say two, three decades, reflecting on all the changes that happened and put, kicked us in unknown situations. Where we had to say, okay, it goes like this now and I’ve to adapt, got to do it in a new way/s for myself we became an active and connected part of the wind of change.

Is change the same as transformation? I’d say if it’s a big one then yes. The explanation for the word root of transformation is: “Change of shape.”

Or is every little change a transformation in its sum of results?

When looking up the word origin of the noun “change”:

“To become different, be altered, alter, exchange, to switch, to turn to change. To barter with a sense of evolution.”

When contemplating these explanations it quickly comes to one’s mind that change is a full-time member of our life, our daily lives. Of nature and environment.

When thinking of change it becomes visible that all and everything comes from and is heading towards impermanence.


The weather changes and so do the tides. The sun goes in changes from rising in the east to set in the west. The moon turns from new, invisible to full shining brightness when the rays of the sun got the biggest impact on its surface.

And so do change humans. Waking up in the best mood and going to bed in complaining thoughts of dissatisfaction, or the other way around. What lies in between was earning a living combined with making the best of the day.

Imagine we are able, can set our mood ahead like software connected to a timer. For example, before falling asleep to program the mind on the felt mood when waking up the next morning.

This sounds like exotic science but is reality. You are the master of your mind, the mastermind. The software called the brain is well equipped with knowledge and experience but eager to learn more, ready to change when pushed, and/or programmed in the right direction, ways.

It’s easy for us to plan, to think about what clothes, dress code to wear regarding our schedule or planned activities. Why not do the same with our mindset, planned mind-map? By staying open for changes coming along the way, the following moment, the next day. Like to switch from a corporate dress code after work to an informal, casual one during spare time spent in privacy.

The same way we’re changing lines, reacting to, minding the cruise of other drivers with change. Behind the steering wheel with a certain destination in mind, when participating in the flow of changing traffic.

When you love what you do, when you enjoy work and believe, see, live it as your most loved activity you’re investing in full conviction. By putting your mind, experience, and heart into the task, the outcome must be satisfying. The sum of your efforts, the willingness to adapt to change whatever is needed to adjust at work and in private life got a massive impact on the result.

“Change is progress.” The faster we adapt to change the more our success will be defined.

Doesn’t entrepreneurship come from a change to be shaped? To see, and to seek new business opportunities evolved out of change, of need? A gap felt ahead by a customer call of the future? Defined in new products and services developed and delivered by awakened producers for mindful consumers.

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