Take back the rudder of your life.


Take back the rudder of your life.

Cut out all the confusion, distraction and mindboggling voices stressed out from seemingly everywhere.

Hey, be you and only you.

You deserve it as this is your very life. And a basic human right.

Give your life back to whom it belongs.

To your very self.

To your heart.

To your desires and dreams. To your wished destinations in this beautiful life.

To your relationships and engaging humans, you wish to be closer befriended with.

We’re all living in times of uncertainty. Genuine caring friend- and relationships became the new currency, a reborn parameter of togetherness and unity. In peace. And harmony.

Loving and caring about yourself comes first. This is where it starts to feel compassionate for your close ones, your inner circle, your friends, and others.

We need to mind to protect ourselves, setting healthy boundaries to not be taken for granted. There’s nothing wrong with this. It supports keeping inspiring and lively relationships on a fair level of mutual respect and genuine appreciation.

The past is frozen time. Avoid fostering and lingering too much in it. There were no good old times, they were just different. They’ve always been more or less challenging, uneasy at times, hot to handle in certain national or international circumstances, issues.

Meandering in a nostalgia-like comfort zone is an illusion, a kinda pre-dream to a better future.

All we have is now. It’s worth going for new ways of the desired life to come true. We are the people, the humans on planet earth. We got more power than we can imagine. Don’t allow the global restrictions to build mental prisons and social boundaries for no good.

When we’re through we might remember these unhealthy synergies and ways off path. There would be a lot to pick up what missed, lost. If ever possible.

Times were never better, more suitable for personal development, for conscious inner growth, and refreshed ways of thinking how to turn problems into solutions and opportunities.

New kinds of customer services to generate an income. Have a look at the global food delivery industry, keep your eyes open. Your neighbor could be your first customer …

A new dawn for creative and inspired entrepreneurs is shining bright on the horizon.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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