Tell openly, and share generously how you feel. Talk about your desires, fears, and vulnerability.

Tell openly, and share generously how you feel. Talk about your desires, fears, and vulnerability.

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Your genuine intentions are going to fall on fertile ground at the perfect timing. There’re many newly awakened human minds of high value, of active listening skills out there, eager to provide a compassionate response and deep understanding.

We’re in times when mental health issues are on a global rise like never faced before. Don’t give looping thoughts of anxieties, fear, or a desperate outlook on how our world feels any chance. We’ll get over, master it. Best in ways of unity, patience, love, and understanding for each other as one human race powerful populating this planet.

Let it out, speak about what goes on in your life. Don’t hold back, let go, and be wide open to new perspectives. Find an awakened joy for life despite external circumstances that are obviously hard to control, to conquer, aren’t in your hands. We’re all on a point of no return and strongly supported on our journey by higher frequencies and protecting spirits.

We also feel that time goes, moves faster by now despite the clock is still showing an hour contains 60 minutes. Once turned down the notebook on Monday evening it’s Friday morning faster than the calendar has passed, and daily schedules have been worked on.

Nature shows all signs of change, unexpected devasting events spread over the world.

Exclamation marks in bold replacing red flags of feared eventualities, worst-case scenarios could happen. They did, we’re all speechless and feel so little compared to nature, are shaken witnesses in real-time.

The pandemic won’t kill most of us that easily, mental prison does. Don’t give felt unhealthy vibes any permission or a chance to drive in like a cuckoo being nurtured by you. Thoughts come and go like a river runs through. The saying you can’t jump in the same stream twice is pure wisdom of life.

The last two years have changed our world fundamentally, and so did people. Friends became strange, lost connections despite once having felt stable, solid, and unsinkable. Strangers, newly met humans greatly appear in our lives like old friends we know well and trust for ages. Many of us feel but only some talk openly about, share insights of all these ongoing new situations of big change.


Frequently people are telling me, e.g. about posting and being active on #linkedincommunity, the only social media platform I’m a proud member of, and participate with some of my work: “It is all about them. This is social media, and Li is no different.” When listening to these statements I feel irritated, not sure what social media should be about than an online global community that shares and adds value for each-other lives by giving advice and attention.

And providing knowledge, how to do it in certain situations or challenges. But not as another platform where blown-up egos got their stage of the competition to catch attention for their tasks at any price of consistency where arrogance and ignorance, short responses, lacking kindness and respect are present.

A welcoming attitude, an unjudging open ear able to cooperate on a basis of human interest in each other even without having left a comment, active involvement on the agenda of the post, still, a solidly grown connection is worth care about.

Many of us are self-employed, are early-bird till night-owl busy, and participate on social media whenever the schedule allows.

It’s time-consuming we all know this well and can’t always respond, therefore. Caused by lack of time, not because of the absence of interest in other community members’ work, lives, shared insights, articles, and achievements.

Walk a mile in my shoes is more actual than ever, to approach each other with compassion, a patiently silent understanding, deeply knowing how life feels for most of us these days.

Whenever accepted a connection request I’m sending a kind and respectful thank you note with words of appreciation and interest in the exchange of thoughts & experiences of life n work. When then receiving no response at all, or a “Thanks” note only I delete the new connection.

It obviously must have been a misunderstanding to request, to get in contact, knowing more about me, my Foundation For Humanity, and life in Cambodia. But then showing up with a lack of appreciation, no kindness, missing compatibility, or at least to show some respect or a genuine interest in the new connection. Fortunately, it’s not like that on a wider scale, a visible shout-out for attention without the eagerness to share.

I’m here for you, whatever is the matter or reason. You are not alone, can not only save a desperate and depressed life but brighten up a human’s mood & day.

The consciousness of being seen, heard, appreciated, and cared for is the fuel that social media in an awakened world has, and hopefully is going to stand for. When not responding or commenting on a post or article is no topic anymore but the moment when being there needed the most.

To not speak things out based on fear-account of being censored, misunderstood, criticized, or mistaken is a fatal misconception and not to accept as there’s no improvement or growth possible. I’m talking about personal emotions, feelings, anxieties, and thoughts that are triggering many of us in an endless loop of no visible ease at the horizon.

Foreign and self-endangerment, as well as the threat of violence in the family, are concerningly soaring globally.

I’m not speaking about ongoing debates of being vaccinated against non-vaccine treatment opposition.

This calm, protecting oneself and others’ mindset versus aggression is going to lead us to nowhere but to more suffering, and deeply divided societies.

Humans against humans are the worst situation, civil war makes one sadly think twice the most as the barrel of problems to globally solve is overflowing.

I remember and know well that I’ve already written about and generously shared my opinion in previous articles.

Let’s make love not war in our minds and hearts, for each of us and all societies around the world, there’s no other way to go.

“There is nothing good unless you do it.” — Erich Kaestner. Man of World. Was a German author, screenwriter, satirist, writer of famous children literature & books, e.g. Emil and the Detectives; When I Was a Little Boy or The Flying Classroom.

We all share one planet and one very life, we’ve been delivered into, in the best way have chosen, and/or decided to walk our path. Each of us, no exceptions. What comes after, „The Next Day” no one can say only assume as our souls are immortal.

What we postpone to solve now we’ll have to pay the interest later, additionally to the unfinished “business.” All of us should increasingly share understanding for and giving to each other, at least time. And active listening, openly talking about what truly matters, triggers us at present.

We all can be mental health providers, supporters of others by listening, by reaching out a hand, and unconditionally being there. It belongs, depends to each of us how far we’re willing to go, and care for humanity while our house is burning.

Walkable ways to be inspired by brilliant synergies with humans on the same path and mission are blooming like wild.

How to find, reach new forms of life gained by the vast experience of how it felt some years ago compared to Here & Now is a topic worth thinking about, a stepping stone to find our inner greatness again and to be discussed right away. It’s THE fundamental investment in our new world, a momentum in time not to be missed!

Don’t hold back what you’ve got urgently need to talk about, to get rid of, to speak it out to find some inner release you’re longing for. When hitting hard ground due to long-term mental health issues turning countless humans’ daily existences into a lived torture. It might not be that easy or in an affordable & available timeframe, providing fast fundamental help out of the mental jungle.

There’re many professionals, vastly experienced mentors, devoted advocates, genuine ambassadors of inner peace & think, spread love from the heart out there who’re genuinely eager, and devoted to listening to whatever it takes.

To provide nurturing networking, guidance, meditation. And easy to access tools, live gatherings podcasted to enhance, promote mental happiness and inner health not just for their material profit but for the benefit of a global community at peace.

Surface intentions or mindfully taken actions, that’s the question many of us are postponing, are busy with but need to see, to handle as a priority.

Showing vulnerability should be promoted and awarded.

To share what’s going on in our lives behind the curtain, far away from what we show to still protect ourselves.

Protect from what or whom? Looking around points towards exposure at all ends while untold facts are purposefully hidden at the same time.

Upcoming feelings whatever they might be, trustfully shared with others around the world, let us turn them inside out by unconditionally being there. Far away from the own ego but a shared podium of a newly awakened togetherness, „learned by doing through the crisis that we need and belong to each other”, the consciousness of what life is all about regardless of the pandemic.

Without love, patience, sharing, and compassion for each other, we’re a lost planet in space and time. And hardly get back on track or healthy feet again.

Openly shown vulnerability is a strength to be proud of, not being too shy to show tears of joy or sorrow, and then to share, exchange with others for the common good of a new age. You’ll wonder how open the doors are at present to speak out how you feel, to set the internal world free of self-restrictions, harsh judgment, pessimistic habits of mind, and a missing love for humanity.

Come back, come back to me

I’ll be waiting patiently

Come back, come back to me

I’ll be waiting here patiently

Walking a thin white line

Between love and hate

Wasting all my time in another world

In another place

I could use a little company

A little kindness can go a long way.

All credits and lyrics: #Depeche Mode. Song: Come Back


This has been Otto F Gatternigg, with kindness. 

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