To establish something important.


To establish something important. Mankind’s new choice and voice.

Well, there’s somehow we had to break it down and build it up again.

“No need to pick up the pieces. Create, invent innovative new ones, your very personal masterpieces.”

People are taking their power back, are going to be more unified than ever. The future is calling now for a stepping stone in the name of the consciousness of mankind.

What is and what was. Accept the wind of change, be on and part of the way, your very own track.

“We’re seeing an intense global call to face the massive change, to not reproduce old patterns.”

The past is frozen time and needs to be insightfully learned from. The present has to be faced, is impossible to postpone.

We need to go through and not hiding, going besides. With an open mindset and lived compassion. With a caring generous attitude to other humans and grow though beyond ourselves.

In a crisis, in times of uncertainty and fear it’s crucial, yes, fundamental to act, to respond by more giving. By showing courage, and being encouraging, and uplifting towards others. It will help to overcome, to master anxiety and fear. And to evolve to a higher level of your very own life by shining a caring light around.

“The most precious and truly engaging relationships are the ones that help us to grow.”

Mankind in its timeless evolution has learned to create new ways of life out of chaos when all around seems to break down into pieces. And most of all pointing on our universal survival instinct to build it up again literally like the phoenix out of the ashes.

“After the age of materialism and seemingly endless growth, lust for profit humans are going to free themselves like never seen. The parameters and energy have shifted to new momentum.”

Humans are realizing in a kind of new awakening that we’re part of nature and its healing impact on our inner balance and well-being. For sure no coincidence when saying „Let’s go in nature, I need some green and fresh air to breathe in.“

To care more deeply by realizing new ways of approach. Thinking and behaving as being part of eternal nature we are coming back to our very self. Latest now we’re (hopefully) ready to grow up as a global society, as contemporary citizens of lived consciousness, compassion, love, and caring for oneself and each other.

“Anxiety, fear, and uncertainty are tricky players, brain manipulators, and mind laundries.

Don’t allow them access to confuse or trigger your way of thinking & life.”

Listen to and follow your inner path and wisdom but not paying too much attention to other’s opinions on how you should handle your life.

A new awakened client desires excellence of customer service, and support is in the spotlight of adding value by tailored activities and custom-made interactions & products.

I can tell only the most devoted focused services mindfully acting regarding the agenda and companys’ philosophy seen through their clients’ eyes will survive.

There’s endless competition so one has to do it differently but most of all in a more positive and lived attitude to survive in challenging increasingly expensive times. Attentive listening and finding the easiest solution but not repeating possible difficulties like a mantra is where it all starts. Or ends. But leading then to confusion and dissatisfaction regarding the received service or useful product to make our daily lives easier.

My house lord and his wife are running an aircon business. When one of their customers has faced issues with the product the Japanese producer flew in a service team, took the AC back to Nippon, analyzed the cause of dysfunction leading to client dissatisfaction.

Fixed the unit and took the cooling air machine back to its place of origin use.

But most of all have implemented the gained lesson in product development and advanced technology. And delivered customer service of excellence. Bravo!

The value you got to offer through your work and service. You have undoubtedly to believe in what you are doing and live, show it day by day.

Needless to mention that the client has ordered additional ACs, and loves to tell others about his unique customer appreciation and service generously having received. Marketing mouth to mouth never dies or loses its importance. Even in the bold age of IT.

Medical treatment far away from chemicals but close to organic food, healthy nutrition, and natural medicines are on their unstoppable global rise.

New remedies for body and mind, tailored treatments. Rich in regeneration holidays moving in the limelight of needed new walkable ways of tourism.

In times when uncountable amounts of money were lost and hardly ever to pick up again due to the long-lasting global pandemic.

Mass tourism, global traveling are going to decrease massively but increasing in effort and costs. Humans are going to calculating to the point where to gain the most recreational treatment to recharge the drained inner battery and shattered soul. Personal wellbeing becomes more n more needed self-caring, self-nurturing, self-love for the sake of ones’ body, heart & soul.

Is the future in non-meat but organic plant substitute meals? When knowing that e.g. one of the big players in Germany is slaughtering 15000 pigs a day after “the creatures” (this is how they use to call these animals) were carried in stainless steel trucks through half of Europe.

After having had “a life” without seen sunlight, enjoying some fun wallowing in the mud. A nonstop killing machine Monday to Friday, fifty weeks a year one starts to feel, to rethink more like a plant than a meat-eater. And prefers an apple, a banana or some baked potatoes, a noodle soup or a bowl of fried rice instead. I’m not a vegetarian but increasingly turning into one.

Are medical weed and industrial hemp factories going to be the new power plants? Are more n more countries going to legalize, discriminate, finally accepting, tolerating by a new bold consciousness what’s good and what is to avoid for us humans?

Is it time to smoke a kinda inner freedom pipe like the native Americans, sitting in a circle in their tents ready to open their minds & hearts and wishing for peace & unity with the hostile tribe next village?

Are hard facts hard to ignore that an ancient plant 1000s of years in use, strongly recognized and praised for its immense worth?

Grown and used as an industrial plant that doesn’t need any pesticides or chemicals to grow for a higher purpose without being discriminated against?

The vast knowledge of the wide varieties this resistant plant can be used but was then destroyed, smashed to the ground by leading global chemical companies which endeavored to ban, to forbid the use started pretty right after WWI.

When even the almost impossible to destroy uniforms and parachutes that had saved the lives of many unknown soldiers were made out of industrial hemp.

A kind of new stabilization, harmony, and balance. Let’s be ready on the way back to our genuine self and lived consciousness that no one is alone, that we’re all invisible connected brothers and sisters.

Let the universe know what you wish, desire, want to go for. I can tell you it works. Pay attention and articulate clearly and ongoing to this deeply listening ear.

We are all one.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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