Wishes, reflective thoughts, and shared insights around Christmas 2021.

Wishes, reflective thoughts, and shared insights around Christmas 2021.

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How are you feeling and sleeping during these days where we’re unstoppable approaching the year’s event of peace, love, family, and togetherness?

My feelings and reflections on the passing year are full of mixed emotions, a kind of rollercoaster in an endless loop of ups of personal achievements and inner growth but down spins due to the external world factors. Where there was an exit in the past a global bushfire of insecurities and the loss of trust has taken a harsh position.

Caused by dozens of suspicious events, unanswered questions about how serious life circumstances are taken, things are handled “in the name of us, the people and our vast commitment to keep our world spinning.” The slightly tilting attitude of mother earth included, not so easy to make things go round and round in an ongoing needed balance.

I feel like we’re pregnant right on the way giving birth to a new world, the one we were pushed into as an unforeseen reality. Outside and far beyond of cinematic-produced illusions and forecasts manifested forever on celluloid.

Giving birth is never like a holiday trip that includes sound sleep, it feels more like climbing a mountain step by step while being obscured by clouds under unpredictable weather conditions. Needs acceptance of pain, understanding the sources of suffering but mostly requires enduring patience. And undivided willingness for change, “a visible state of mind for inner growth.” Or at least a warm welcome in the name of love and compassion for the upcoming birth of a new world citizen.

A deep rethinking of inner values and contemplation on the truth and true origin of where exactly personal freedom and inner happiness emerge.

The urgent regained or newly awakened consciousness that love, peace & trust in our families, friends, governments, and societies are fundamental, stand momenta like the air we breathe and the water we drink.

We can transform through love at any time when we’re ready, aren’t we? When we shine love and light on fear. When we feel and think with our hearts darkness and anxieties got little chance to survive. Shine through genuine kindness and a compassionate loving caring attitude towards others is never in vain, only can gain. And is going to safely guide us forwards to conquering and mastering the unknown.

While standing at my office’s small balcony I most recently watched a woman just a shout away who makes her daily living out of collecting litter. Careless thrown-away cans, empty water bottles, and useless package cartons.

If she’s lucky to find, collect 10 kg of the light, mostly fancy energy drinks and beer cans the generous payment for keeping the surroundings clean again caused by others’ ignorance and littering her income is USD 1,50.  

I’m a giver all my life, sharing what I have with humans who deserve makes so much sense. And if it’s a cozy bed for a single night that a homeless can shower, do laundry, eat and sleep like a human compared to his/her daily efforts to survive on a nameless bench called a home somewhere in a park of a huge city. Supporting other humans in critical life circumstances provides fundamental meaning to my existence and guides, yes, keeps my mental & inner happiness healthy.

In a second the ancient meaning of celebrating Christmas, the three Holy Kings appeared in my mind. Instead of shopping till you drop better possessing an open heart for giving, sharing, caring for others, especially for the underprivileged ones who’re living in the midst of us.

It’s not about the one who gives the most in material value and glitter but the human who shares from the heart, the things he loves, and then unconditionally provide these little personal gems to others.

After greeting and showing the Wai (a slight bow with the palms pressed together in front of the face) the busy lady shily came closer. Accompanied by her possessions, huge bags containing trash fixed with old ropes on her worn-out bicycle.

An upfront Christmas present of some bucks and a bag of organic rice can make a huge difference in a human’s bearing life. Where daily salaries are paid in cash every evening and the one who is lucky to have a job goes with USD 8—in the pocket back to his/her starving family after twelve hours working fully exposed to the draining sun.

“The pleasure is with the giver, happiness doubles when shared.” My heart has felt fulfilled and warm when unconditionally giving. Even hours later in bed reflecting on the day, on life and its immense beauty worth living and being thankful for. Despite rough and harsh times that even Advent times got no time for a break of concerning, disturbing facts and critical events in a row.

I’ve realized more than ever how crucial it is in a human’s life to work on or to already have found inner peace possible due to an inside wide-open gate of understanding, giving and forgiving, of loving and letting go.

Too tight attachment, clinging to what we love the most or aren’t willing to change always leads to suffering. A manifested unshakable anchor of consciousness, inner strength, and resilience one trustfully can rely on despite external factors that continuously try to outbalance, overwhelming so many of us for quite an upside-down while.

Turning on the news became almost an unwanted, to avoid “pleasure.” Too disturbing and unsettled is the endless stream of broken trust, negativity, and unfaithful acting of authorities or humans around the world who literally fight for power at any price supported by tailored manipulation and misleading information.

It looks, as the cruel presentation shows signs of a rising civil war, humans against humans who are fighting for their different points of view. “Of what’s right and got to be done” versus “I don’t take it any longer and fight for my right.” A scenario standing for the worst can happen made its sad occupancy into our daily lives.

Even the strongest of us are increasingly in need of more calm, personal freedom, and trust in remaining friends despite the global crisis. To take time to digest what’s more and more worldwide visible and going on. A rudderless appearance felt like a daily punch in the face without an effective or united plan, handling of the situation that leads towards some kind of release on a bigger scale.

As long as it’s only about yourself it is not implementing your genuine inner self. It’s just another attention request of your ego, the “I” that needs to be satisfied on the spot.

Arrogance and ignorance come before the fall. The greed for money, wealth, and power are the biggest enemies and manipulators of mankind. This kind of poison seemingly is so hard to achieve for any price and then so easy to become addicted to, taking advantage of and being a victim and criminal at the same time.

Are we invisible forced to implement a new form of human values, implemented discipline and faith towards ourselves? Compassionate gratefulness to not taking humans, our environment, and the so-called little things for granted?

To live, to show a fresh awakened commitment towards oneself and interest in others. To see our neighbor as a human who might be struggling or desires kindness as well, the one hardly says a “Hello” when crossing each other without making eye contact. Doesn’t it mostly need two or more who open their minds and hearts to find a way to get along with?

Haven’t we already suffered more than long enough in lockdowns, hard experience, and head-shaking knowledge of how it feels to be isolated? Have met our loved ones in forbidden hugs, where restrictions haven’t allowed us to show physical presence and love to our loved ones. But must realize that this suffering is easier to accept, to tolerate through more caring for others while thinking of sitting in the same boat desperately trying to head towards regained peace and harmony in our societies.

I’d love to show my sincere gratitude to my trusted friends, brothers & sisters, clients, and valued readers all over the world and wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Christmas 2021.

Much love, light, happiness, abundance, and inner freedom to you and to all of your beloved families. Thank you so much indeed for the amazing support, shared insights, love, and incredible encouragement I’ve been so fortunate to have received all through the year!

Thank you for your time. This has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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