You free yourself by finding yourself. Don’t play hide & seek with you and you, the so-called „I“.


You free yourself by finding yourself. Don’t play hide & seek with you and you, the so-called „I“.

Play seek and find yourself instead.

You are what you think and do. There’s nothing you can hold on to, everything is in the flow of change and impermanence.

We need to raise our consciousness and energy levels as a global society. To wake up from the illusion and unhealthy beliefs. Delete, reset, let go.

Thinking in solutions and possibilities but not in difficulties and obstacles obscured by fear and uncertainty will ease your life. And makes work more inspiring, interesting, and meaningful. And yourself more attractive, engaging, uplifting towards others.

Is it like they say good wine becomes better when aging when carefully stored appropriately? Is getting older the blossom of life in our golden fifties and milestone sixties?

I’d say, YES, if you have let all the good intentions become hard facts turned to reality, and bumps along the road never stopped you from trying to achieve, all along your very personal path till this very moment.

„When you think you can’t get any better you start to play the same songs over and over.“ – David Bowie

Don’t make an enemy with your mind. Don’t destroy your good mood and beauty of the moment by overthinking, overdoing.

At the end of the day, we always see the meaning of why things are happening, had to happen in their reasons and outcome.

Mental and physical health is your most valuable and crucial asset in life. Keep them alive and never hesitate to reach out when you feel lack and unbalanced. You show strength by asking for help and might be surprised how devoted others feel to help you out of the black hole.

Mind your time management and plan your days carefully. Use it wisely, mind at all times that time isn’t increasing. Cherish every moment.

Avoid time wasters and -thieves whenever possible.

Replace the common and generously used term „ I have no time“ with „I take the time.”

Watch your life like an hourglass. See yourself as one of the countless trickling sand corns and as a solid part of the entire amount of sand standing for all human beings on this planet.

Mind yourself as a member, an important part of the human race of our spaceship earth tilting through time and space.

You’ll realize we’re not too separate and a woven whole. And that we can’t hold time still as it’s an unstoppable floating river. Time is impossible to borrow, lend, extent, or replace.

You’re too old to lose it, too young to choose it

And the clock waits so patiently on your song

You walk past a cafe, but you don’t eat when you’ve lived too long

Oh, no, no, no, you’re a rock ‘n’ roll suicide.

David Bowie. Rock ‚n’ Roll Suicide

Don’t search too much for answers to your many questions regarding the thing called life. They appear when at least expected the moment quality of time and you’re ready.

Don’t invest or focus too much on short-term goals and easy to gain achievements, accomplishments. Look from a bird’s view and build your life like a tree with branches that solidly grow despite heavy circumstances that pushing one around like mad but make you stronger and tougher though.

See the pandemic and all those problems Covid19 has showered n’ shaken our world as a possibility to personal change, growth, to set up new ways of life that fulfill and make perfect sense to you.

Your individual experience is not limited, isn’t a small thing at all. See it something to explore freshly day by day like nurturing, nursing the plants in your garden, balcony, or indoor.

Belief, re-shape your responsibility to the requirements of the present moment. Take charge, be in control of everyday experiences and happenings, and mind what comes out though. A ship needs a captain who knows how to use the rudder in stormy waters to keep the vessel over water and convinced heading in the desired direction.

Turn yourself on to yourself.

Wear and use colors when a formal dress code isn’t required.

Find your very personal colors you feel great and confident wearing and show them through your clothes as well as at your home interior.

Time to end the grey, black n white uniform tristesse.

Colors are ambassadors, power tools, senders of special energy.

Sportsgear leading global brands have realized, designed, and perfectly marketed for a while power philosophy messages of their colorful sneakers or outdoor/indoor function outfits.

Watch nature in its many colors, can you imagine without, just everything is painted in shades of green? How about a red polo or purple T-shirt? Ever tried jeans in another color than black n’ blue? Try it and let me know how you’ve felt walking like a rainbow. And how others have reacted to your shining colorful presence.

Bring fresh paint to your home sweet home walls. Paint it yourself, dive into the paint, apply it with your own hands if possible. Hands-on can be rewarding, makes fun, and sense. Keeps the money in your own and not the commonly expensive painter’s pocket. And you exactly know who is responsible for the bright and new awakened dream home.

Fall in love again with yourself.

And then spread love, dance, sing, share your open heart & mind.

Love is healing and nurturing as long as it’s balanced by both partners in a respectful and genuinely caring manner.

New love, a boy and girl are talking

New words, that only they can share in

New words, a love so strong it tears their hearts

To sleep through the fleeting hours of morning.

David Bowie. Soul Love.

Don’t be lost in your memories of the past. If you had a tough time or serious sickness a while ago, don’t let these experiences of pain cover and overshadow your later life. Leave it in the past where you’ve worked on to overcome and hopefully could heal it out.

“Don’t allow the past to control and trap the quality of your present life.”

In rural areas, villages there’s always someone who watches out attentively, the one who takes good care of the tribe 247365. And gives feedback, reports in terms of safety, security to the chief. Village people feel safe though all day but especially at night, when asleep in peace and serenity under the stars and moon.

We need these kinda guys again, guaranteeing our safety by selflessly taking care of us. Long-term insomnia can be a life destroyer, never hesitate to ask for help, please, if you’re suffering from it.

Everything and all is connected. When not seeing, no proof available doesn’t mean it’s not existing at all. When we’re going deeper into the evolution of mankind, look at different human cultures over the centuries, especially the Southeast Asian ones, India, we’re realizing, can see the meaning of life and be alive as humans. Lived in the consciousness and beliefs of their cultures and lived spirituality day by day.

Widely called spirituality but in fact, it is talking about life and being alive. Everything is life itself, part of the universe, and can’t be separated like stones from soil.

I’ve been searching, looking for a particular song for many years. A record of my youth, seemingly impossible to find. Jorge Santana, „Tonight you’re mine“. (Yes, he was „the little brother“ of famous Carlos S.).

I loved that romantically touching song playing at the studio disco where my friends and myself used to hang out as the highlight, the reward for the long weekly working hours. I’ve found that rare vinyl LP thirty years later in a second-hand record store in Vienna. Sealed & untouched waiting for me.

Why I’m telling this story of a music lover all life long? Persistence, not to lose grip, to not give up the search when everyone around you says “it’s impossible, no chance”, to go for it even it takes an unpredictable amount of time to come true.

Oh no, love, you’re not alone

You’re watching yourself, but you’re too unfair

You got your head all tangled up, but if I could only make you care

Oh no, love, you’re not alone

No matter what or who you’ve been

No matter when or where you’ve seen

All the knives seem to lacerate your brain

I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain

You’re not alone

Just turn on with me, and you’re not alone

Let’s turn on and be not alone

Gimme your hands, ’cause you’re wonderful

Gimme your hands, ’cause you’re wonderful

Oh, gimme your hands

David Bowie. Rock ‚n’ Roll Suicide.

Thank you for your time, this has been Otto F. Gatternigg with Kindness.

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